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Nevaehs Summer Bucket list

Unfortunately, it seems that this year the Autumn weather has started earlier than last year.  And so I finally wanted to write a blog post to share Nevaehs Summer Bucket list with you. This Summer, we mostly stayed in the Netherlands. We only went to Germany to visit Moviepark Germany for two days. At the beginning of the break, the girls entertained themselves by playing games and watching youtube video’s on their tablets and laptop. This bothered me a bit, so one evening I called them all together to sit down and told them to make a bucketlist for the Summer. The first one to finish was allowed to have the last bit of ice cream. Nevaeh can already write a little bit but I told her that she could draw instead. So she made a bucketlist with 10 items on it. The actual bucket list got lost somewhere but we memorized what was on it and I’m glad to say that she has been able to do all the items on it. So here is Nevaehs Summer Bucket List. 1 Go to the playground W
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Hello again !

It has been a little quite on my blog lately but today I'm doing another Hello Monday post to share what we've been up to in the last weeks. Hello Monday. Hello 7 year old Yovannah. Yovannah turned seven years old exactly one week ago today. Hello birthday clothes. Unfortunately we spent all morning of Yovannahs birthday in two hospitals and on the way from one to the other and we were home around 5 in the afternoon and was so tired because I did not sleep enough in the night. So she only ended up putting her special clothes on late in the evening and we had chocolate cake afterwards. Hello to helping to Yovannah helping to make her own chocolate birthday cake. Hello to learning to ride on pony's. Hello short hospital stay for Ixora. Hello Bear doctor Ixora. Hello special Zoo time Hello to getting to sit in police cars on the way to the Zoo and back. Hello to playing on the bouncy castle. Hello se