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AVON Ireland is no more

It’s officially two weeks ago now that AVON pulled the plug on the business in Ireland. Apparently they were losing money. Since I stopped being a business developer last year I read the news on facebook. I was in shock. And also a bit sad. Not because the loss of income, because even though I officially was still a representative I didn’t do a lot of AVON work. But I still felt a loss. I felt a loss because I had become so dependent on so many AVON products myself and I was just about to put a nice order in for myself for some products we use at home and which had run out. The prices of the AVON products are so affordable and what I also loved about AVON shopping is that you didn’t have to leave the door to go to a drugstore or supermarket to look for products. It was so convenient.
Apparently a few business developers- for whom this still was their main income – have decided to take their teams to Oriflame. I’m not so sure about trying that yet. But I’m interested in seeing a br…

Easter time

It's been a long time since my last post.
I've been struggling with a broken camera, a broken laptop, no internet and just being too busy.
But I still love blogging and now that I've got another camera, laptop and internet again, I'm going to try to make some time again to do this.

I hope you had a good Easter time. We got the chance to make some nice memories again.

The children started their Easter break last week and I have been off since Friday.

On Thursday I decided to make an Easter craft with Ixora and Yovannah : we made easter bunnies.
This was a lot of fun.

The idea for the bunny came from

On Friday we made chicks . The kids really enjoyed the painting. Especially the smaller ones.

On Saturday evening I cooked a few eggs and Ixora decorated them with a marker decoration set.

We celebrated the resurrection of the Lord by going to church in the morning yesterday. The girls all in their new outfits.

I decided to make something …