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Sunday Social: Movies

I thought it would be fun to do a fun post and join in with the Sunday Social questions today.

So here it goes.

1 What is your favorite movie of all time?
A walk to remember.

I love how he changes because of her. And I love it how he shows his love for her by giving her the things that she wanted most.
I 'm  also a big fan of Nicholas Sparks.

2  What is your favorite movie quote?
Dearest Cecilia, the story can resume. The one I had been planning on that evening walk. I can become again the man who once crossed the surrey park at dusk, in my best suit, swaggering on the promise of life. The man who, with the clarity of passion, made love to you in the library. The story can resume. I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame
 From Atonement.

3. What is the best movie to watch for a girls night in?
I really love to watch chick flicks and I like a lot of them. A good one would be a romantic one with a cute guy in it.

In between time of fun

It's five minute Friday again. We are writing about ' In Between'.


Today it’s the last school day and it is the last day that you will be attending the small playschool where you started last year. I put you on a special outfit with your favourite character Hello Kitty and last night I blow dried your hair for the first time so your hair looks a bit different today. I gave one of your teachers our camera to make a few shots of your last day in the playschool. You no longer will be going to that big room with all the toys and the art work on the wall, the place you learned to love and are even asking to go to when it’s weekend. Now you’re growing up. You will be going to big school. But not yet, first there is the in between time, the time of holiday, the time of fun, the time in which you will continue to learn on a daily basis but in a different way.
Have a happy holiday time Yovannah! I love you very much and am very proud of you.

Do you want to join in ?

Here is h…

Yovannah's first hair blow out

A few months ago I blow dried my hair to flat iron it afterwards, because I went to an interview for college. Yovannah liked the idea so much that she wanted to have her hair done as well. I told her that she was too young and I would do it for her some day. I think at some stage she found the hair dryer and tried it out a little by herself.
A few weeks back when I was in church I saw a little girl of Yovannahs age who’s hair seemed to be permanently relaxed. I kind of stared at her hair, even though I must say that those small pony tails looked quite cute, A colleague of mine also told me that she blowdried her two year olds hair with cold air. So I decided to do it sooner since Yovannah is now 4 years old already.
Yovannahs hair is very curly but she has a loser curl than I and it looks really lovely when moisturised well and with some curl activator/gel.

So I definately would never want to permanently straighten her hair. But I was wondering how a blowout would be, also to see how…

Through her eyes

This post is inspired by the topic View from the Five minute Friday series from Lisa Jo Baker.
 I wrote the post back then but never published it. When I join in with Five Minute Friday I never write a lot of words in those five minutes but this one is really short somehow.

She is playing with a toy house.
 She is holding it in her hands and then she lifts it up.
She is looking through one of the doors and says:
‘Mummy, I can see you….’ I reply : ‘I can see you too baby.’
She repeats it a few times and I answer back every time.
I love this moment in time. This moment that she chooses to interact with me.
Even though I’m on the laptop she draws me in and gets me to respond.
With her sunny personality she draws me into her little world and helps me to see things from her point of view. 

It’s like I can imagine being her, looking through that little door and looking to see me.


Come back later for another Five minute Friday post on todays topic 'In between'

Worship Wednesday: From the Inside Out

Since I really love worship a lot I decided to start sharing worship video’s from youtube to encourage you.
God loves to be worshipped and as Christians we are created to worship Him. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is power in worship. Worshipping God is a form of prayer. It releases the presence of the Lord in your life in situations. It leads to God being able to come in and bring a breakthrough in your life.  My personal experience is that it really brings me closer to God and it fills me with a lot of joy.
The bible says;
God inhabits the praises of His children.
He builds His throne on our praise and worship. It’s like He sits down on our praise and comes with all of His glory and we can feel it all around us. And in His presence everything is possible. Deliverance, healing, salvation, breakthroughs.
I love to worship God but I actually could do it way more at home and it’s great to start your day with it. So on here I will share video’s from worship songs that I love …

An afternoon of playdough fun

-I originally wrote this post a few weeks ago-
Last year I had the privilege of doing a childcare course. It was an amazing and life changing experience. The post of how I came to do the course is on my broken laptop but since I printed it out for one of my assignments I'll probably type it again and will post it one of these days.

I loved the module Child Development in which you learned about all the areas of child development and how to promote all the different areas through activities. In the module Early Childhood Education we learned to plan and implement activities. One of the favourites to do with children was play dough because it promotes intellectual, physical, emotional, social and language development at the same time. I went into a pre-montessori and made play dough with the kids and then they played with it.
And at home I did the same with my kids. We made four different colours and added some glitters as well. Ixora and I ended up making really cool things like …

It's Summer time / Giveaway (closed)

It’s officially Summer here in Ireland, even though most of the time  it is hard to see it when you look outside. There are days when there have been some sunny spells but the sun has been hiding behind dark clouds on most of those days as well. This week it's supposed to be a good week weather wise.  A few weeks ago the sun was shining since the morning and after dropping the two older girls at school, I decided to take Nevaeh for a walk to the park close by and to feed the ducks. On the way to the park the sun was so much in my eyes that I decided to stop at the Dunnes Stores and get sun glasses. Since Nevaeh was so interested in mine I got her some too. Mini mouse ones. She loves them. The week after, it was the turn for the older girls to get sun glasses. Hello Kitty ones for Yovannah. And pink, sparkly ones for Ixora. They really love their sun glasses and wear them on sunny days.

Since this post is post nr. 60 of my blog I decided to do a little give away.
I still have a s…