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Returning to work

Then, finally a dry day again. Praise God!
These last weeks/days have certainly been a challenge and the weather has had a huge part in it. No, luckily no floods and all.
But it hasn’t been much joy to walk in the rain (and strong winds) on several occasions. I haven’t got a hood on my coat nor a hat or something like that so my hair got more ruined every time.
But my kids were dry, thanks to a double buggy that I purchased from someone from the website Magicmum Yay !
I still feel totally blessed for having the possibility to spend more time with my kids, in spite of the fact that life got so much busier and all.
I actually really embraced my new role.
But I really went from thinking, ‘I’m happy to be a SAHM ‘ to I thinking ‘I’m ready now to go back to work’. lol
But this has nothing to do with the kids. At least, it has a little bit, but in a different way than you would think. I want to be able to earn money again so I can buy things for them, at least to be able to spend more of the child…