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Back to school part 1

This week the summer holidays are coming to an end.

It has made me mostly feel emotional, somehow sad that my big girl will be going to school again and that she won’t be free to be home for five days in a row, every week for almost a whole year.
But after today things have changed a little bit.
My three year old is starting pre –school this school year and that’s something that I’m really excited about. I’m so proud that my little girl will be going to ( pre-)school for the first time.

She had been offered a place in two different play schools and she was supposed to start next week on Monday in one of them but today I decided to put her on the other play school which started their school year yesterday.

I started a course in child care last year and from September I will have to do work experience and it suited better if I put her on the school I've chosen now.

And since big sister is starting school this Thursday and the play school is in the same building and starts at the…

Vintage family photo shoot

Even though money is a bit tight at the moment, since DH is in between jobs, my DH has got himself persuaded to accept an offer for a family photo shoot for 15 euro.
I wasn’t too impressed when he first told me about it, because at these photo shoots they normally take more different pictures and then when you want to buy them all it is way more than you can afford.

But since he paid already there wasn’t much I could do about it. Yesterday we went to church and afterwards I went to get something in the shop and when I got back in the car, he asked if we were still going to get pictures taken. I had totally forgotten about it and looked in the car for the paper he got. We were supposed to be at the hotel for the photo shoot yesterday around that time. I read the paper better and it said that they provided clothing for kids and women and that men should wear a shirt and pants and I was wondering why.

Then I read it even better and realised that it wasn’t an ordinary …

Back to blogging

For a while I’ve thought about getting back to blogging but every time I failed to really make time for it. This week, is a new week.
And I’m going to give it a try to start blogging regularly again.
I hope you will come by to visit my blog again and join me in the journey of motherhood.

Lots of love,