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What I like, love loathe in Suriname

I really had to get used to being here and even though I know that I wouldn’t be able to live here at the moment for a few different reasons, I’m trying to enjoy the little things.... I decided to do a like, love, loathe post  (as the idea of Futures ) about being here.

Like I like it that it is never really cold and that I can wear summer clothes every day. I get to see my mum a lot. Every day she comes by, mostly reads a newspaper outside and we chat a bit and she helps out where ever she can.

I like the little pieces of Surinamese fruit on vinegar.  Healthy and yummy.

I also like swinging in the hammock at the back of the house, especially if it makes me feel less warm because of the wind.

Love I love doing tv fitness every weekday. I still want to lose some more weight...and try to get a flatter tummy and thinner thighs.  Haha I have a couple of trousers that don’t fit right......When I’m doing it I sometimes think : 'what am I thinking ? why am I doing this to myself ?' Y…

A look inside my kitchen

Well, as you know we are currently visiting my mum in Suriname and she is so kind to let us stay in her house. Our lease for the house we rented in Ireland finished so we moved out before we came here. I can't wait though to find another house to call home and to take up the challenge to really turn it into a home.
I saw this book on Amazon the other day that I really would love to have.
I read the sample of it and was already so blessed by it.
She also talks about how she has rented a lot of houses but it never stopped her from turning  it into a home. I can't wait to get it and read it.

It is called The Nesting Place and you can find it at Amazon. 
Hopefully I can do a review on it another time.

I always wanted to share my kitchen with you so I decided to finally do it.

In the kitchen the landlord had two paintings of poppy flowers and this inspired me to decorate my kitchen. I went crazy buying red stuff or red/white stuff and enjoyed decorating my kitchen.

I also looked at…

What kids wore Wednesday : colourful and light

Today I wanted to do another What Kids Wore post.

In the pictures below Yovannah is wearing a blouse/ short dress from NEXT which we bought two years ago in the NEXT summer sale. It is paired with green trousers from DUNNES stores even though I must say that they are probably a bit too warm for this heat here.

I love the blouse though, expecially the back. It is from very light (thin) fabric which is perfect for hot weather. It is nice and colourful.

I really love the quality from NEXT clothing for kids. But since they can be quite expensive I only shop there during sales at the moment and only occasionally really.

Blouse/ dress; Next
Trousers; Dunnes Stores

What are your thoughts about the outfit of my little girl ? What do you think about NEXT clothing for kids ? Do you shop there? I would love to hear from you. If you're sharing a post with your kids' outfit as well, please put the link to your post in the comments. I'd love to see it.

(Apologies for the low quality pictu…

Hello Suriname

It has been a while since I've posted on this blog but I hope to be posting more again in the coming time. 

Today another Hello Monday post.
Hello Monday,
Hello to being away for over two months to visit my mum in South America.
Hello to mosquito bites and heat, using vape and watching tv in the living room with two fans on at the same time.
Hello to wearing summer clothes every single day.
Hello to home schooling my youngest girls so they won’t get too behind at school when we are back.

Hello to going against the country customs and having dinner in the evening instead of around 1.00.
Hello to power cuts of which we luckily only had one.
Hello to swimming in coca cola coloured water at the kids’ grandparents place from fathers’ side.
Hello to seeing mum/grandma every single day as she comes to visit us in her second house where we’re staying.
Hello to getting the chance to sit on cousin’s horse.

Hello to watching the newest movies on tv because that is possible here.
Hello to havi…