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Little people

It's Five minute friday. And I'm joining Lisa-Jo Baker for another session of five minute writing.

 Today we are writing about ; Imagine


 I love having kids. I love how they can surprise you by using certain words or doing certain things of which you were not aware that they could say them or do them. I love how clever they are.
I love to take care of them and to see them grow in to the people they are supposed to be one day. Now they are little people, my little people. A wish fulfilled, a blessing from God and I can’t imagine how life would be without them.
I can’t imagine a life without tiny arms that wrap themselves around you and say ‘I love you mummy’, even though they are only two. I can’t imagine a house without toys , the buggy with dollies in the corridor, the little wooden bike in the living room, the forgotten stuffed animals behind the sofa.
Though I sometimes wish that it was easier, that they made less mess, I surely can’t imagine life without them.


Testimony Thursday Link up :Parenting with the grace of God

A few months ago I decided to start a Testimony Thursday link up.
See here. Since I haven't been blogging for awhile buttrecently started again I want to honor God by starting this link party again. Please join in.

Here is my post for this week.

I’m currently not a very organized mum but I would love to be and I’m working on it, but I’m not quite there yet. I’m blessed that my experience is that where I fall short I continually see the grace of God.  For example I try to do laundry often but then when I’ve been really busy with other things I might not realise or forget that it was time to wash some more clothes. And then when I get up in the morning and I look into the girls’ drawers to gather the clothes together to put ready for the girls, (ideally I would love to have their clothes ready on  the night before but this doesn’t happen often ) I’m painfully reminded that I should’ve washed certain clothes for the girls. I then cry out to God for help and He helps me in His grace…

What I wore Wednesday

Today I want to share an outfit that I've been wearing lately.

I loved wearing this outfit which mostly consists of items out of 'my (very) old box '.
The skirt is a hand me down I got from my aunt a few years ago. I love long skirts and I love this colour and
the ruffles on the skirt.
The black cropped top I bought a few years ago as well and is a tight fit.
Since it is very short and a very low cut I decided to wear another black top under it.
Because it was getting a bit chilly that day I added my black cropped leather jacket, which I really love as well. I'm still in love with my Lipsy bag after all these months. (Read about it here.)
I wore this when we went to the park. (Read about that here.)

Skirt from Fa Lin
Leather jacket from SOUTH (bought second hand on ebay.)
Bag Lipsy by AVON

I'd love to hear what you've been wearing lately.

So feel free to share.


 Linking up with The Pleated Poppy

Trying to get back to pre-baby weight (part 1)

I have two rings on my ring finger on my right hand, which have permanently been there, for a few years. They are just not able to come off no matter what I try. They are a reminder of the fact that I used to be a totally different weight a few years ago before I started having kids.
It’s so strange that when you are younger and about 59 kilograms of weight that you constantly want to weigh less and try a crazy diet now and then just to try to get back to 54 kilograms.
A whole lot changed after I got my oldest girl. I just accepted that I had to wear bigger clothes. After all, I was nursing her and didn’t want to diet while I was doing that. Only when she was over one year old, and she wasn’t as much dependant on drinking milk from me, I started to go to the gym again and started a diet. I don’t think that I ever got back to my post baby weight though. I did lose weight but I probably gave up somewhere. I never went back to being size 8 or 6 and must’ve ended up in a size 12 but I wa…

To worship You I live

It’s Five minute Friday.
Today I decided to join Lisa- Jo Baker again, writing for five minutes without editing, just whatever comes up.

Today we are writing about: Song
Here it goes.
Today is one of my favourite days of the week. Because today I get to go out and do something that I really love to do. I love singing. I loved it since I was a child and have been in a few choirs since. I also had the chance to sing solo parts now and then. But what I love most about Friday nights is that I get to sing for my Lord. I get to worship Him with all my heart and with all my might, with all that is in me. I get to meet Him in a way that only worship can do. I get to be in His presence and soak in it, allowing Him to heal me, to change me, to deliver me, to encourage me. It’s amazing how much a song can do. How a song can bring me into Gods presence, right before His thrown, how a song can change me and heal me when I sing it with all my heart to my loving King,. To worship Him. Because to…

Dear mummy (a letter from my baby girl to me)

This blog post is inspired by this post from 'Little miss momma' and this commercial. It's a letter to me written from the eyes of my two year old toddler Nevaeh-Divine.
Dear mummy,
I know that you sometimes say ‘no’ when I want to drink mummy milk and that you think that I drink it too much and that you actually want me to stop. But I’m still not ready to do that because like I told you today: ‘I need my pookie.’ from time to time I love the taste of it and that it’s nice and warm and I love that it makes me feel so close to you. There is no place where I feel safer than in your arms. And when I'm drinking ‘pookie’ I get to be in your arms for a while. Thank you for being so patient with me and still letting me drink a lot of the time.
Mummy I know that you got upset when you came to look for Yovannah and I, and noticed that Goldie was missing from the vase where you put him in and when you saw that I was playing with a plastic toy fish in the vase and putting fish food in…

The strength of a mother (Happy Mothersday !)

Last week a few women who were held captive and were abused and raped for years were finally free.
Yesterday as I read about the last woman being released from hospital, I was thinking about Amanda Berry. When she left the house she had a little girl in her arms. And I wondered how her life may have changed after she gave birth to her. I wonder if being a mum had made her life- even though she was still in prison and living under bad circumstances - become more meaningful, even more beautiful. I wonder if she had more joy than the others and more reason to live. Maybe a stronger will to live. I do believe that becoming a mum changes you in so many ways and I know that children bring you joy. A woman changes from only caring for herself to caring primarily for the children that she has.  A mother is capable of denying herself things so that her kids can have more. I do believe that becoming a mother makes you stronger. You are responsible for another life, for the wellbeing of someone …

Our long fun weekend

Last weekend the kids had an extra long weekend because of the Bank holiday and an extra school holiday. We were also blessed with quite good weather, so we decided to do some fun things with them.
These are the activities that we chose.

I took the kids to the Square in Tallaght for cookie decorating, face painting, colouring/painting, and balloon modelling.

I was impressed by this event. All of my kids enjoyed it, even my two year old.
This is event was free but they were collecting money for the Children's Hospital . The recommended age was three year old but all children were welcome. And I can certainly say that it was suitable for two year olds as well.