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Trying to get back to pre-baby weight (part 1)

I have two rings on my ring finger on my right hand, which have permanently been there, for a few years. They are just not able to come off no matter what I try.
They are a reminder of the fact that I used to be a totally different weight a few years ago before I started having kids.

It’s so strange that when you are younger and about 59 kilograms of weight that you constantly want to weigh less and try a crazy diet now and then just to try to get back to 54 kilograms.

A whole lot changed after I got my oldest girl. I just accepted that I had to wear bigger clothes. After all, I was nursing her and didn’t want to diet while I was doing that. Only when she was over one year old, and she wasn’t as much dependant on drinking milk from me, I started to go to the gym again and started a diet.
I don’t think that I ever got back to my post baby weight though.
I did lose weight but I probably gave up somewhere. I never went back to being size 8 or 6 and must’ve ended up in a size 12 but I wasn’t bothered about it.
A few years later I started going to the gym regularly again. I continued to do so until I was pregnant again.
After baby number 2 was born I didn’t diet or train but somehow I seemed to be losing weight anyway and before she was a year old I was back to size 12.
And then I got pregnant again with baby number 3.
Somehow I gained a lot of weight this time and you could especially see it on my tummy. I ended up wearing size 16 clothes. I didn’t do anything about it until she was over a year old and I wanted to train to finally do the Flora Womens Mini marathon. I also tried to eat less and healthier from time to time.
Losing weight went very slow. I really like to wear nice clothes from time to time and the bigger tummy started to bother me a bit, so from the beginning of the year I decided to try to get back to how I used to be before I had my three girls.

I walked or jogged every day and tried to eat less so I could lose weight and it worked. I’ve lost a few kilograms and can fit in some clothes that I couldn’t fit in for a long time, even some size 10 items.

But I still have a long way to go, even though I would be content if I would lose just a few more kilograms and just have a much flatter tummy. It’s just not great if people ask from time to time if you are pregnant.

Even though I’m not sure if I can afford going to a gym at this point in time, I’m going to try to exercise more, maybe with the help of youtube. I‘ll have to get back to my daily tummy excercises and walking or jogging.
And apart from that, I’m going to continue to eat less and healthier and hope to continue to see weight loss.
I’m really happy with what I have achieved so far. But it seems to be strange for some people who are apparently used to seeing a fuller version of me.
Someone asked me: why I was losing weight.  My response was :' I’m just trying to get back to my old weight.'
And I think: Yes well, having three kids doesn’t mean that I have to be overweight. Does it? I just want to be a bit closer to that older (slimmer) version of me. It‘s going to be so funny when I can finally take off my rings again.

(Btw Apparently one of my rings has pink paint on it, which you can hardly see since the ring is much smaller in reality. It must be from me trying to paint a book case for the girls' room which I still need to finish. Maybe

Are you on a weight loss journey as well?
What are you doing to achieve your goals?

Do you have ideas that work and that are affordable?

I’ve been looking for a body wrap online and read about one and I’m thinking of trying that to get the post baby tummy skin firmer again.
Have you tried one and did it have visible and permanent results?

I’d love to read your comments on this.

Have a great day.

Love and blessings.


Becky said…
Great post! I am totally with you on this. I fluctuate between frustration that I can't get my pre-baby body back and acceptance that this is what my new body looks like.

Becky @
Chan said…
Thanks Becky ! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm still supposed to do a part two of this post.;) And it would be about what you wrote. We can strive to get back to our weight but if we don't, it's okay too. It's the sacrifice to have those wonderful kids that we have. I will have a look at your blog.

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