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Friday, May 10, 2013

Our long fun weekend

Last weekend the kids had an extra long weekend because of the Bank holiday and an extra school holiday.
We were also blessed with quite good weather, so we decided to do some fun things with them.

These are the activities that we chose.


I took the kids to the Square in Tallaght for cookie decorating, face painting, colouring/painting, and balloon modelling.

I was impressed by this event. All of my kids enjoyed it, even my two year old.
This is event was free but they were collecting money for the Children's Hospital .
The recommended age was three year old but all children were welcome.
And I can certainly say that it was suitable for two year olds as well.

Nevaeh is enjoying the painitng

The three girls are busy decorating cookies

There was also a play kitchen

And there were bubbles

And more bubbles..

Nevaeh decides to make more cookies.

Yovannah is getting a face painting

And the end result ....her favourite Hello Kitty

Ixora went for a butterfly

Nevaeh decides to get a Hello Kitty face painting as wwell

Then the nice gentleman made flowers from balloons and a dog.

Playing with the balloon flowers, balloondog and bubbles

And playing with the balloon flowers,balloon dog and the lovely kitchen

The Square in Tallaght often has similar events on the Saturday which normally go from 12 to 3 pm. So if you’re living close, it might be worth your while to go have a look.

On the way home, the girls enjoyed eating a popsicle.

The rest of the afternoon and evening they played in the front yard on the bouncy castle and with other toys with Ixora’s friend.


I took the kids to church as usual. They had fun, all in their own room. And played some in the play area of the church.


I felt tired so I had a nap and we stayed in for the rest of the day.


The kids played in the front yard all afternoon with Ixora’s friend.
At the end of the afternoon we went to the Corkagh park for a picknick and to fly kites. We ended up mainly flying kites and the kids had some snacks out of the bag from time to time.
I hadn't done kite flying in a long time.  I was at the carboot sale on Saturday and bought three kites there. Such a good choice. I love carboot sales!
It was amazing to fly the kites even though the wind wasn’t strong enough for two of the kites to really go high. We all had a lot of fun. Everyone got a turn.


We went to the library for a short time, where the kids coloured and played.

After the kids played in the front yard with friends we took them to another park close by, to feed ducks and play ball.

There weren’t a lot of ducks, swans etc to feed but they still liked it and they enjoyed being out and about . They ran around a little and played with the ball.

After getting back from the park we went to the MC Donalds drive inn and the girls enjoyed a happy meal in the back of the car.

I’m blessed that we could do some fun things for the kids that hardly cost anything.
Glory to God!


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