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Friday, May 17, 2013

To worship You I live

It’s Five minute Friday.
Today I decided to join Lisa- Jo Baker again, writing for five minutes without editing, just whatever comes up.

Today we are writing about: Song

Here it goes.


Today is one of my favourite days of the week. Because today I get to go out and do something that I really love to do. I love singing. I loved it since I was a child and have been in a few choirs since. I also had the chance to sing solo parts now and then. But what I love most about Friday nights is that I get to sing for my Lord. I get to worship Him with all my heart and with all my might, with all that is in me.
I get to meet Him in a way that only worship can do. I get to be in His presence and soak in it, allowing Him to heal me, to change me, to deliver me, to encourage me.
It’s amazing how much a song can do. How a song can bring me into Gods presence, right before His thrown, how a song can change me and heal me when I sing it with all my heart to my loving King,. To worship Him.
Because to worship Him I live, For this reason I have been created. To worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Nothing else matters. Then to worship Him.


Would you like to join too?

Just follow the below rules.

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3And most importantly, go visit, read, and compliment the person who shared right before you.

Today I’m planning to go to the worship night in Victory Center Firhouse.
Do you want to join us for a powerful worship night?
It’s starting at 7.00 tonight.
Check for the address details.

But what ever you’re doing today… have a blessed time !

Below one of my  favourite worship leaders and on of my favourite worship songs.

Israel Houghton with : 'To worship You I live.'

Worshipping You… This is what brings me joy. This is what brings me life.
Every single time I open my mouth to sing a song of praise to You !


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Jennifer Cook said...

I found your link via Lisa Jo's Link Up for Five Min. Friday! Hello mom friend in the faith, Mrs. Chan! I, too, wrote about a worship song I love. Singing praise songs is such a pop to any day! I hope you have a fabulous weekend of worship! Keep singing sister! Your children are blessed by it too!

Chan said...

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. I agree. There is power in worship. I did a post about that a while back.
I will have a look at your blog post. Have a great and blessed weekend !

Bibi said...

I love listening to worship songs! Great Post! Found you via Faith Filled Friday :)

Chan said...

Thank you Bibi. Thanks for stopping by.

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