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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The strength of a mother (Happy Mothersday !)

Last week a few women who were held captive and were abused and raped for years were finally free.
Yesterday as I read about the last woman being released from hospital, I was thinking about Amanda Berry. When she left the house she had a little girl in her arms.
And I wondered how her life may have changed after she gave birth to her.
I wonder if being a mum had made her life- even though she was still in prison and living under bad circumstances - become more meaningful, even more beautiful.
I wonder if she had more joy than the others and more reason to live. Maybe a stronger will to live.
I do believe that becoming a mum changes you in so many ways and I know that children bring you joy. A woman changes from only caring for herself to caring primarily for the children that she has.  A mother is capable of denying herself things so that her kids can have more.
I do believe that becoming a mother makes you stronger. You are responsible for another life, for the wellbeing of someone else.
It makes you not give up but fight so these little ones can be well and happy, no matter what circumstances you’re in.
I wonder if that’s what made her so determined not to give up but to believe that one day her and her daughter would be free.
I wonder if that’s what gave her courage to take the risk and reach out to someone to help her to get free.  I truly admire her, her courage and her strength and can’t help to think that maybe becoming a mum has saved her from a more horrible life and has helped her to be strong and courageous to finally be able to live in freedom.

It’s touching to know that this mothers day is her first Mothersday that she gets to celebrate in freedom.

Happy mothersday Amanda Berry.
And Happy mothersday to all the mums in the world.
Be strong and courageous. You can do it. No matter what circumstances you’re in, you can make it.  You’re created to be a mum.

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The other day in the park I saw this amazing thing. A swan was picking leaves from  the tree  to feed her baby swan.  Like humans, animal mums instinctively feel the responsibiltiy to take care of their children and know how to.
They also have a strong desire for them to be well and will do anything to protect them.

What an amazing God we serve who has created all these mums (humans and animals) in the world with all that they need to be mums.


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