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Ask Away Friday with Miriam from Lamanna Family Adventures

Last week I participated in Ask Away Friday hosted by Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County. with Meg from The Patchwork Paisley. Read it here.

This week I’ve asked Miriam from Lamanna family adventures to swap questions with me for Ask Away Friday. I’m glad that she said 'Yes'. She has a lovely blog where she writes about the adventures with her kids and also shares great DIY projects. I love to read the stories about her kids and about the different activities that she does with them as this is also what I try to do with my kids. (Talking about that , I still need to make time to do a post about our Summer activities. )
I also love the fact that she takes on a lot of DIY projects. I'm always curious to see what she 
has been working on. Miriam is also a frequent visitor to my blog and a top commenter as you can see on the right side bar of my blog. I'm really glad to get to know her better.

Meet the lovely Miriam

To read the questions I asked her and her answers go to her blog.

Below are the questions that she asked me and my answers.

1.  What made you want to write a Blog?

I always loved to write and my first blog was in Dutch (my first language) and I started it after I got my eldest daughter. I used it to document events in our family life and I also shared things that I liked. I guess that’s still the reason that I blog. But I also like to encourage mothers in their journey of motherhood and share my faith.

2.  If you had one person in life you admired the most who would that be and why?
Hm…. I have to think about this one…. I think I will choose my daughter Ixora. I admire her for her self -confidence and her strength and her social skills. She has had a bad skin for most of her life due to eczema and she suffers from hair loss,(she currently only has a little bit of hair)  which the doctors here in Ireland couldn’t find an explanation for. But despite these things she is one of the most confident people that I know and she is very popular and has a lot of friends.

3.  If you have a DIY project which one did you enjoy doing more?

Even though I love home decorating and DIY projects I haven’t done anything special as far as I can remember. Just simple things like painting baby cribs or book cases or spray painting a table in another colour. I did like making a drawing with the computer program Paint and putting it in a frame that I spray painted in pink for Nevaeh –Divines toddler room. I put it on a shelf in her room as you can see in the pic below. I hope to now and then do a real DIY project in the future. (when I'm a btt less lazy)
I saw a lot of nice ideas on Pinterest that I might try one day.

At the top right my framed computer drawing

4.  In a few words describe what you think of society today?

That’s a difficult one. Can I pass? LOLI think that there are bad things and good things about society today.What I love is the kindness that you see in people that you don’t know and that don’t know you. That someone can just help you when they see you walking with a buggy, open the door for you or help you lift the buggy from the stairs or into a bus.
Or like today when I was trying to put the rain cover back on the buggy that an old lady asked if I was alright. Or how people are connected through so many different events. Sometimes for a longer time sometimes only for a few minutes. Like today when I was waiting on the bus and a girl who was waiting as well told me that it would be better to walk to the next stop where you’d be able to catch another bus because according to the electronic time table and the app on her phone we’d have to wait for 46 minutes on the next bus 27. At the other bus stop there were more people waiting. The times at the bus stop were wrong and everyone seemed to bond over the fact that we needed a bus and that we didn’t know when one would come. The girl decided to start walking. The rest stayed at the bus stop hoping and praying (me) that the bus would arrive. A little later the bus arrived. Everyone was looking out of the window to see if she would make it and was sad for her that she wasn’t on the bus stop in time to get the bus. When I finally got out I looked through the windows and saw the gentleman that claimed that the bus times were wrong and who before that, on the way on the bus stop, very friendly proclaimed that it was a good day today. He waved at me as the bus drove by. And I thought how weird is it that something as ‘wrong bus times’ can somehow connect people together, create a certain bond , even though they probably will never meet again. (Sorry I first had no idea what to write and now 'a few words' turned into many)

5. Did you ever see yourself in the position you are now when you were younger?

I actually studied LAW at the university, which I never really completed but still hope to do some day. My father was over 60 when he graduated from the university and got the professor title, so it’s never too late. He always wanted me to finish my law studies. He unfortunately passed away four years ago. But I still want to tick this of my bucket list one day. I never thought that I would be interested in childcare but I just got it on my heart. You can read more about it here. I love being able to have a positive influence on the development of children. I now started the study Montessori Diploma which will lead to me becoming a Montessori teacher. My dad was a teacher, a primary school principal and an English teacher and my mum was also a teacher. I never ever thought of becoming a teacher myself. So it is quite funny. I think my dad would be happy and proud of this choice that I’ve made. I also hope to start a Montessori school in the town (tribe) that he is from to support his people since I think that there is a lack of knowledge among them and you can better start with the small ones.

6.  What TV show do you enjoy watching the most?

There are a few TV shows that I like but at the moment I would say Grey's Anatomy.It’s an interesting concept: the combination of medical practice and real life. I love the love stories in it the most. And the parts that make you think when Meredith is talking about a quote or something.


7.  What do you enjoy the most from being a SAHM?

I really love that you have more time with the kids. You have extra time to take care of them and more time for the house to keep it clean and organized. Unfortunately, I was only a real SAHM for the Summer. Before the Summer I was doing unpaid work in a childcare center and from this week I’m a college student again. I was lucky to have the chance to be a WAHM after Nevaeh was born and having temporary periods of being a SAHM before. Because I really love seeing my kids a lot. Yes, I will miss having them around me for a very big part of the day. I will miss that a lot. But that will hopefully change again in the future when I start my own Montessori pre-school.

8. On your profile you said you live in Ireland what do you like the most about where you live?

I like that people are normally very nice and helpful. But what I like most is all the social services that you can get here when you don’t have a job or are on a low income. I love that you can go to college and pay only a small amount and that they even pay most of the childcare costs for your kids.
I love the free medical care for those who need it and (almost) free medication (you pay 1,50 euro per item)  They also take good care of single parents who don’t have to work till their kid is 7. and get free courses with free childcare as well. These are things that they didn’t have in Holland and probably still don’t. Because of the economic climate they are cutting on a lot of things and changing a lot but there is still a lot to be grateful for, I think. So I actually love how the state takes care of families who need it.

9. If you could change anything about your life what would it be?

That’s a good question and I’m not sure how to answer it. I think even though that I’m going through challenges from time to time, I am actually rather content about my life. Oh wait… I’d love to have a car, a nice one and big enough to put my kids in and extra people.  And to really be able to drive in it well. And oh maybe I’d love more real good friends to do things with and to share things with.

10.  Would you want more kids?

 Yes, if it would be Gods will for me, It would be nice to have a boy for a change but I love having girls so much that I would even like to have another girl as well. I love it when they’re so tiny and you dress them in cute little girly outfits or with cute pink hairbands.

Nevaeh-Divine when she was a small baby

Thanks for swapping with me Miriam. Your questions are great ! I hope that you enjoyed answering mine.

Please go to Miriams blog to see her answers to my questions.
And if you like the idea, join in and link up your own '10 questions post' that you have swapped with a fellow blogger.



Anonymous said…
Awww I loved your answers they were great....this is fun to do I feel like I got to know you better....hopefully you will have a chance to have your car... And Montessori is a great school I had my daughter in it when she was 3 and 4. I would love to put my son in one but its expensive out here. Hopefully down the road I get to do this again.
Chan said…
Thanks for your lovely comment Miriam. I recently had to sell my car -I must say that I was not driving a lot in it (my husband was before he left to South America)- I was planning to buy another one but they broke into our house and stole the money I got for selling my car the same day. I'm really missing a car. It's very hard without one so hopefully soon. Yes, I really love Montessori. Here in Ireland children get a free pre-school year when they are 3. Unfortunately, I had put Yovannah in a playschool close by, before I realised how great Montessori is and couldn't change it anymore. But I'm glad Nevaeh is in pre-montessori now. (mostly paid by the state as well since I'm a fulltime student)God is good. Hopefully you get the chance to put your son in one at some time.
Camii Soul said…
My cousin has the same problem, from the age of 5 her hair started dropping. It went from thick hair down her back to very little hair on her head. The doctors ran every test and could not diagnose it. She wore wigs all her life till about 5 years ago when she got tired of wigs. She started shaving the little hair that was om her head. Which is far less that what most babies are born with. God bless your daughter for being so confident, my cousin was the same while growing up and dealing with it. had lots of friends and had the best attitude about life. Your daughter sounds the same.
Anonymous said…
We have the same dream! I also wish to be able to work with kids and put up a pre-school someday. :)
Anonymous said…
Awww! You have all girls and your first langauge was Dutch! I had no idea! I agree! I love the DIY projects but I will need to find the time to get more involved with them. I think I will. It's a bit interesting now because I have my 16 month old haha. I never knew Ireland had all of that stuff for people...that is so nice to hear. I'm so glad we connected! I really enjoy reading your questions and getting to know you better :)
Chan said…
Camii, thanks for the comment. How interesting. They sound the same, yes.I'm still praying that her will grow back and stay for good this time. It has grown and then fallen of again. I would think it's alopecia but they couldn't find proof for that. That's what might be less here in Ireland than other countries. The medical side. But interesting that they couldn't diagnose your cousins case in the US either so maybe there's just those cases that are hard to diagnose. My daughter wears hats as you can see on the pics.
Chan said…
Jhanis, how cool ! Go for it !
Chan said…
Brittnei, yes that's my native language. Yes I agree, you need to make time for these things. But I might just look on pinterest for something that I really really want to have and then get the things together and do it (in a weekend or so) Curious to know which DIY project you'll choose when you find the time.
Meg said…
I love your answers, always so thoughtful. The picture you drew is so cute!! Ixora is beautiful. What a great question about society today too. It is amazing when little things bring strangers together.
Camii Soul said…
Well I'm sure by now they have. She was a young child then living in the Virgin Islands and went back and fort to the doctors. I think they returned to Trinidad maybe when she was 11 and gave up on looking for answers. She's in her forties now and just adjusted to it but I'm sure they have diagnosed by now what it may be.
Wendy May said…
Nice to meet you Chan, here from #Ask Away Friday! Love the long thoughts you put into your answers. How fun to raise girls! I have one girl and five boys, they are definitely a trial in daily life.

Be well,
Lauren Davison said…
nice reading more about you chan! Does your daughter have alopecia? my friends son has that and has the same issue with his hair. what a strong, sweet, beautiful little girls you are raising!!!
Chan said…
Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Meg ! And thank you for the compliments. ;)
Chan said…
Thanks for stopping by and commenting Wendy. You are very rich in children ! That's great !
Chan said…
Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lauren. We thought about alopecia too but they can't seem to find proof for that somehow. Maybe if they would test her again but we haven't been to a doctor for it in a long time. We're still waiting for a new appointment. There was some waiting list or something. I will call the doctor for an update one of these days. Thank you for the compliment.

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