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Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 2 SBBC My favourite jewelry and eyeshadow palette

When I saw the lifestyle topic suggestion from today I didn't think I was going to write about it because I don't have a lot of jewelry and I nowadays seldom wear jewelry.

But then I thought it would be nice to challenge myself and to write about the topic anyway, even though I'm planning to do another post for today as well.

I thought about the jewelry that I do have and decided that my favourite piece of jewelry is my big sparkly ring. I love it because I absolutely love bling and this ring is really very 'blingy'.
I received it together with a  matching necklace and watch as a prize when I was an AVON business developer.

I also wasn't sure about the beauty topic since I don't have a fancy eye shadow palette. I don' t use eye shadow often lately but decided to still give it a go.

I have a few small eye shadow palettes from my AVON time.  They are quite simple palettes. They all have four different colours.

'Smokey eyes' has white, pink, silver and medium grey
'Ice lagoon' has light blue, very light grey , dark silver and very dark grey (almost black)
'Cocoa dreams' has four different shades of brown. The light one is matte and the rest has a shine in them.
'Starlet has white', light silver, dark silver and soft black.

I must say that I haven't tried a lot of them out. But my favourite colours would be the black, white, blue and then brown on the left below. My kids always seem to find them and mess them up completely, that's why some of them look a bit weird.

I decided to try the above mentioned favourite colours out and this is the result.

Soft black, white, light blue and shiny brown

This is the light blue and apparently on top the shiny brown I tried before that

This is the white

This is the soft black. I love this look.

What eyeshadow palette are you using ? Which of the above looks do you like the most ?
What is your favourite jewelry ?


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