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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello College

Hello Monday

Hello to becoming a college student.

Hello to waking up early to make it on time to college.

Hello to meeting new people and making college buddies.

Hello to doing homework and reading books for college.

Hello to learning more  about child development and all the bits and pieces of the Maria Montessori method.

Hello to getting  more and more excited about  the Maria Montessori method.

Hello to practising 'practical life skills' with my kids at  home.

Hello to getting the chance ttrain to become a Montessori  teacher  in a year.

Hello to feeling blessed and grateful that I am able to do this study  , grateful for receiving all this knowledge.

Thank You Lord for this opportunity.

Feeling blessed and privileged.
Glory tYour name.

What are you saying hello ttoday ?


1 comment:

Kriss MacDonald said...

That's fab training to be a Montessori teacher!!

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