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An excerpt from my novel in the making

I've been very busy lately and have been having problems with the keyboard from my laptop as well. So hopefully next week I'll be able to post some more.

Today I wanted to share something that I've been working on for awhile. Or actually I stopped working on it but I don't think that it's really finished yet. I've been writing a novel and unfortunately the completed version is currently on a damaged hard disc from my old laptop. Even though I stopped writing at some point, I think that there will probably be a lot of re-writing to do and maybe I will add more to the story as well, so it will be some time before it is really ready.

Today I wanted to share an excerpt from it.

So here it goes. I hope that you'll enjoy it and let me know what you think....

 The counting to midnight had begun.
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Happy new year ! An explosion of joy followed in the small bar where Rebekka had decided to spend her New years eve with some close friends.
People were screaming, embracing each other, making toasts and doing happy dances. Rebekka just took a deep breath.It was over. It was finally over. Never did she want a year to be so much over as this past year. She understood now how in some traditions fireworks were used to chase the old year away while in other countries it was used to welcome the new year. While she hugged her friends and wished them happy new year she thought what new year really meant to her. A chance to start over and do it right. Her friend Emily grabbed her hand and said ; 'Come, we are going outside to watch the fireworks.' While they were walking towards the door, she saw a familiar face. She looked back and saw someone sitting at the bar. She now only saw the back of his head. ‘Hey that looks just like,,,,,Isn't that.... wait....’ she thought. She let go of Emily's hand and stood still to look. Another man approached him and they started to talk.‘It must be.....’ She could feel her heart beat rising. It felt as if there was a light electric shock going through her body. It was as if she felt connected straight away with this person who was standing 6 meters away from her. She decided to order herself one more apple juice to find out more.  She went to another part of the bar and ordered a juice. While she was bringing the glass to her mouth to take a first sip, she felt a light tap on her shoulder.‘Excuse me..’ she heard in a slight Eastern European accent she remembered well.She turned around and looked into two light brown eyes. ’Are you.....? ‘the man continued. She didn't recognise his face straight away.....He had grown older... much older.... But yet....she knew it was him....Something had stayed the same about him. Something that made her wonder in the first place when she saw him standing at the bar. And being in his presence felt exactly the same. 'Rebekka....’.she said with a smile . 'And you are ........’.A big smile appeared on his face. 'Giovanni..’,.he replied. He finally had found her again. ‘How nice to see you.’ he said. He moved towards her and gave her a short one handed hug without letting their bodies touch each other. It made Rebekka think about the last time that she saw him all those years ago. Like now, she had not expected that reaction coming from him. Without any hesitation, he had put his arms around her and they had hugged each other just a little bit too long. And in his embrace she had felt ....not the funny physical attraction that sometimes had been between them but only pure affection coming from him. 
This was a different type of hug. It was more like a 'how are you ?hug ' Still it felt quite familiar. It was so short that there was hardly time to feel anything. Still it made her think that it would've been nice to hold him again but for a longer time this time. 


'What are you doing here? ' She asked. She looked at him, trying to study his face. Back then he looked more like a boy and now he had matured into a man. This was new.‘I'm on a holiday’, he said.  He hadn’t stopped smiling since he found out that it was really her. She had changed a bit, maybe gained a few pounds but she was still good looking. He still would..... He interrupted his thoughts by asking a question. 'How is your family?‘The girls are fine. They are at their dads’. ‘How is your wife?’ She asked. He held his hands up to show her that he was no longer wearing a wedding ring. ‘Not married anymore’, he explained. And he started smiling a bit nervously. 
‘Are you staying at friends?’ she asked.  ‘No I'm in a hotel.’ ‘When are you leaving?’ ‘In two days. I really hoped that I would see you’, he confessed. ‘It's been so many years....’ And yet, it's like nothing has changed, he thought. He smiled while looking at her. 

‘Rebekka! ‘Emily had come to look for her.’I’m getting a bit tired. Are you ready to go home too?’ 
Giovanni looked at her with a question on his face. ‘Are you leaving?’ he asked. She nodded. ‘Can I call you?’ She nodded again. She looked down to search in her handbag and got a paper and a pen and then ripped the paper in two. ‘I’ll give you my number too’, he said. She started to write something down and then gave him the pieces of paper and the pen. Giovanni wrote his phone number down and then gave the pen and one piece of paper back to Rebekka. She looked into his eyes and smiled. ‘Nice to see you.‘ she said. He nodded. ‘See ya’. Rebekka replied:‘See ya’. Giovanni watched her while she walked away from him. And then he looked at the small paper in his hand and noticed that his hands were shaking.

Let me know in the comments if you like the story so far and if you would buy the book if I really published it one day....

Thanks for reading (and commenting ) !!



Camii Soul said…
Well I would be interested to see where t goes and also what was their past relationship. If you don't mind a suggestion, I'm not sure what year this conversation is happening but if its in recent years if would be better to have them putting their numbers into a cell phone instead of writing it on a paper. If you think about it people start punching numbers in a cell. But again maybe this is happening way before the cell phone came about. But I will definitely pick up the book to know where this is going :)
Chan said…
Hi Camii, thanks for your comment and suggestion. I've thought about the phone too but decided to do it this way. I myself still use pieces of paper, believe it or not. But I'm also not a real mobile phone person,although I really should start using a mobile phone again so I can be reached in case of emergencies. The piece of paper plays a role in another chapter of the story by the way and at the end of this part, he also holds it in his hand. So it would change some things if I'd change that. So I'm not sure about changing it but who knows.... Their past relationship is unfolded through the rest of the story in flashbacks. Glad to hear that you'd pick up the book. :)
Mrsteeh said…
Awesome read. You definitely grabebd my attention. I agree with Camii about the phone but I also know that if you have a history there may be a purpose behind them sticking to paper. I am interested to see where they go from here so I would definitely continue reading...

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