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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's finally her turn.

Today, it was finally her turn. She is been asking to go to school for a year now. She always got sad when her sisters went to school and she had to stay home. And I felt so sad for her when she said in her sweet, tiny voice 'mummy I want to go to school'  It really broke my heart every time again.
But since I'm starting college this week, it's finally her turn to go to 'school' as well. So last week we found her a place in a Pre-Montessori room close by. When we went away after getting a tour of the building, she told me : 'I like my school, mummy'. I was glad for her that she finally got to go to 'school'. Finally her little dream had come true.

So today she went to her 'school ' dressed in a new outfit, especially bought for her first day in Pre-Montessori.  She was a bit shy and quiet at the start . But she had no problem with me leaving after a few minutes. Only when I collected her after 5 hours (a bit longer than I wanted for the first day) she was in tears. The teacher she had all day had left and from the new teacher she wasn't allowed to play dress up but had to sit at the table to do jigsaw puzzles.
So my always happy baby girl was unhappy and wasn't able to be comforted by anyone else than her mummy. Tomorrow I'll make sure to collect her earlier so she'll get to settle in better and only has to deal with the teacher I leave her with. I just hope that she will learn a lot and enjoy herself in this Pre-Montessori room. She should be great because she is now 2,5 years old.

The thing that I was a bit worried about is that it will be for longer days for at least three days per week. And I was also thinking; she'll be somewhere where I don't know what she'll be doing or what she'll be saying. Luckily, they have a copy in which they write a daily report , even though I wasn't told a lot about what she had been doing today apart from singing, taking a nap and dinner.
Also with the problems that have been highlighted in childcare here in Ireland, it' s not easy to let your toddler stay in the care of strangers. I guess I have to pray for her daily and trust God that He will take care of her and that He will make sure that she's treated well.

Dear Nevaeh, mummy loves you very much and I'm very proud of you. Keep going little girl. You're doing great. I hope that you really will love this school. You so longed for it. And now it's finally your turn to have your little dream come true. Love you loads !

Do you have a toddler in a pre-school ? What are your experiences ? I'd love to hear from you.



Mrsteeh said...

This sounds like my Baby Girlie...she has been wanting to go to school forever. You little girl is such a cutie! I'm sure everything will be fine...praying nothing but blessings :)

Chan said...

Thanks Tiffany. Thanks for stopping by. I found out today that she is unhappy after her nap because they wake her up from it. She fell asleep again on the way home. Poor girl. They are going to let her sleep a bit longer now. That should prevent her from getting upset. She fell asleep early this evening though. So that's an advantage to less sleep in the afternoon. But I'd rather have her happy when I'm not around.

Kriss MacDonald said...

You should save a copy of this post to read to her when she's older!
Thank you for co hosting the Mommy Monday Blog Hop

Chan said...

Kris, you're right. That would be a great idea. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for joining in !

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