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Nevaehs Summer Bucket list

Unfortunately, it seems that this year the Autumn weather has started earlier than last year. And so I finally wanted to write a blog post to share Nevaehs Summer Bucket list with you.

This Summer, we mostly stayed in the Netherlands. We only went to Germany to visit Moviepark Germany for two days.
At the beginning of the break, the girls entertained themselves by playing games and watching youtube video’s on their tablets and laptop.
This bothered me a bit, so one evening I called them all together to sit down and told them to make a bucketlist for the Summer. The first one to finish was allowed to have the last bit of ice cream.
Nevaeh can already write a little bit but I told her that she could draw instead. So she made a bucketlist with 10 items on it.
The actual bucket list got lost somewhere but we memorized what was on it and I’m glad to say that she has been able to do all the items on it.

So here is Nevaehs Summer Bucket List.

1 Go to the playground

We never went to an outdoor one but the girls had a lot of fun in two indoor ones. We went to Tun Fun and Ballorig in Amsterdam.

2 Watch a movie

We watched a couple of movies at home and also went to see Despicable Me 3 at the cinema which was really cool and funny , despite the fact that it was in Dutch.

3 Go to the beach

This was a very difficult one this year since the weather did not really get all that great but I decided one day to just go to the beach anyway to have a picnic there…. Sunny or not…We went to one of the small beaches where we live. It was great, even though it got really chilly after a while and it was quite windy but I brought a beach tent with me and that was fun. Nevaeh and Yovannah played on the beach while Ixora and I chilled in the tent.

4 Have a picnic

This is a bit of a Summer tradition for us. We try to do one every summer, even if it is in our own garden. So we had one on the beach this year. We had the whole beach to ourselves which was great and it really was a lot of fun despite of the wind….

5 Eat ice cream

You can’t have a Summer without having ice cream !! We did not have it a lot but we did have some at home a couple of times and some ice cream cones as well. Yum !!

6 Play on my tablet.

Hmm… yeah… this actually shouldn’t have been allowed on it. But ok….I guess it’s an activity and it is fun to do.

7 Go swimming in a swimming pool

I let Nevaeh do a Summer swim course so she could have some more improvement in her swimming skills , since her sisters were so much further than her. She had a good time but I was horrified when I picked her up the first time. She had a huge ball of hair on her head. I was shocked and I was thinking : 'How will I ever manage to get this back to normal ? All that beautiful hair is ruined and will be lost forever'. But ..thank God….I had this special brush with me and I brushed and brushed and brushed till everyone was long gone and luckily she still has a head full of long hair. Pff…
The days after that I had to wash and brush everyday but not as much as that first day. I moisturised her hair in the morning and just put it in a ponytail instead of a braid as on that first day.

Nevaeh ended the week with an exam for :'Kikker diploma Silver 'and is on a higher level in swim class now. I hope that she will keep improving so she can her first real Swim diploma soon. 

I'm so proud of you baby girl !! 

8 Eat strawberries

From all of my girls Nevaeh is the one who loves fruit the most and for some reason strawberries had to be on it. Ofcourse we buy these quite seldom, so I really bought these on purpose. 

9 Make ice pops. 

This is something we also try to do every Summer, so Nevaeh made some ice pops with juice. I don't think that they came out very well this time but the girls loved them nevertheless.

10 Go to Movie park Germany

We did this in the last week of the Summer break and we had a great time. It was quite an adventure since we went by train and I had never really been in Germany, apart from maybe for a few minutes to buy something while driving through it. And so I had felt a bit anxious about the trip for some time. But it went alright, even though we kind of ‘got lost’ on our way to our hotel because you can’t really rely on google directions and on what people tell you sometimes. But a friendly gentleman brought us all the way to the street where the hotel was, so the Lord did take care of us.

And all of a sudden the weather became very hot so the second day we chose a lot of activities where we could get wet. We had so much fun !!!

But I got reminded that those exciting roller coaster rides are really not for me (anymore)

I almost screamed my lungs out ! No more of that. LOL

So that was Nevaehs Summer Bucket List.

The girls got to do more stuff like the Zoo, Day camp and day night but I’m glad that I made them make a bucket list and that we managed to do everything that was on Nevaehs one.

Next year I’m going to try to make one together with them and try to do all the activities on it.
I’m not sure where the other lists are and what was on them exactly but I know that there were some activities that were the same as on Nevaehs list.

To see our Summer Bucket list from last year, read here

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post.

Did you (or your children ) have a Summer Bucket list this year ? I would love to hear from you.



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