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After the rain

Saturday 1 October 2011

Today it is a very rainy day and I can hardly believe that the weather forecast for tomorrow seems to be sunny according to my husband.
We’ve had lovely summer days this week, in which I sometimes felt too warm.
But I enjoyed sitting in the backyard watching Yovannah splash around in the paddling pool and having great fun.

And sitting in the park while Ixora was feeding the ducks and watching the kids enjoy themselves on the playground.

But it has been raining since yesterday now and everything is getting wet.
The double buggy in front of the house ,the little slide in the backyard, the bikes and everything else that has been left outside.

And we are getting wet when we go out of the house to do a few things.
But that’s okay. Those few rain drops falling on us won’t kill us.

I’m certain that some day the sun is going to shine again.
Just as I know, things will get better for us.

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