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I decided to join in the challenge of five minute friday by The Gypsy mama to write for five minutes about :

If I knew I could, I would......

do a miracle. I would instantly let the hair of my oldest daughter grow back on every bald spot.
But I know that our Lord aleady has started His healing process in her.
When my 6 year old was one year, she started to get a spot on her scalp where there was no hair.
Gradually her hair became less and less untill when she was three, she only had a tiny bit of hair in the middle of her head. She also had no eye lashes or eye brows.
The doctors couldn't find what was wrong with her. They couldn't confirm that it was alopecia.
They advised us to look for an alternative healing.
And being christians ofcourse we put our trust on Jesus Christ and He healed her.
Her eye lashes and eye brows are now back and there is hair at the back and we believe that He will complete His work.

Yeah, so this was only a try.It wasn;t easy at all. I didn'…


Isaiah 53:5
But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

He is risen !

Happy Easter all.

I hope everyone had a nice first Easter. I had a very nice day with my family.

We all went to church where there was a special service with a part where someone played the devil. It was about what the devil must've thought on Saturday , the day after Jesus died and there was a link made with our time. When you're feeling lost and desperate like the disciples must've felt, the devil things that he has won and keeps telling you lies.

And was Sunday....Jesus rose from the death. Halleluyah! The devil is defeated and those who believe in Jesus and accept Him as their Saviour are saved and no longer have to live in despair and believe in the lies of the devil..We are freed from the lies of the devil by the sacrifice from Jesus on the cross. Glory to His name !

The cho…

New addition

So it's been some time since I wrote in my blog.
We're a year further and my baby is one now going on two in two months and my big girl is 6.
We've been blessed with an addition to the family: a new baby girl who's name is Nevaeh-Divine.

I'm still on maternity leave at the moment but I'm not quite sure when I will go back to work or whether I will go back at all so for now I'm a SAHM again. I'm enjoying this a lot although there have been some challenging times mainly because it's not always easy to take care of two children under two.

It's also a challenge in a positive way to be a housewife and fulltime mom. It’s really teaching me a lot.
Patience, flexibility, creativity. I’m learning not to freak out when things don’t go as planned and to overcome and cope with difficult situations. I’ve learned that the difficult times won’t last forever. For instance when they all cry at the same time, there will always be another moment where they are al…