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Isaiah 53:5
But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

He is risen !

Happy Easter all.

I hope everyone had a nice first Easter. I had a very nice day with my family.

We all went to church where there was a special service with a part where someone played the devil. It was about what the devil must've thought on Saturday , the day after Jesus died and there was a link made with our time. When you're feeling lost and desperate like the disciples must've felt, the devil things that he has won and keeps telling you lies.

And was Sunday....Jesus rose from the death. Halleluyah! The devil is defeated and those who believe in Jesus and accept Him as their Saviour are saved and no longer have to live in despair and believe in the lies of the devil..We are freed from the lies of the devil by the sacrifice from Jesus on the cross. Glory to His name !

The choir sang a few good songs. Then they ended with saying: 'because we are saved ,we are blessed' and we had to say that a couple of times.That was great because I truly feel blessed every day. Glory to God ! We brought Yov to the babygroup but kept Ix and Nevaeh with us. Ix was a bit scared of the part with the devil but she was okay. Baby Nevaeh was again very good in church.She slept for the biggest part but also played a bit with the toy bar in her car seat or was just lying in my arms while she was awake.

We had planned to eat in the restaurant from the church after church was over but hubby said they only had Irish food and he wanted something else.Then I thought of getting food at home and then having a picnic in the park but we were afraid that it was going to rain and hubby had some 'important' match to watch on tv so he suggested to do it in the backgarden.

Then I seemed to feel a drop and it was so dark that we expected it to rain soon and it seemed quite chilly so instead we had a picnic on the floor in the dining room. We had a chicken left that was already done which I heated in the oven and we had muffins, fruit,.bread and other food.
Because my middle one was sleeping only my oldest and I really did the picnic.
Hubby just joined in the eating of the chicken LOL

Later I did a mini chocolate egg hunt for the girls but only Ixora, my oldest really did the hunt. Perhaps the middle one Yovannah was still a bit too young.
She was too occupied doing other things and didn't understand that she had to look for eggs ,I think. But the eggs that I hid on the lowest places were for her (very easy to find) so Ix gave them to her when she found them and Yov enjoyed eating them ofcourse.Ix really enjoyed the hunt.
They had some fries with beaded mushrooms later and hubby and I had a nasi goreng ( rice mixed with pieces of chicken in soyasause)

In the meantime I baked a carrot cake for Nevaeh . For some reason I baked a cake when Ix was two months old and gave her silver bracelet with her name on it. So when Yov was two months I decided to do the same and now it's Nevaehs turn even though I ended up making the cake a week later and the bracelet I'm going to buy this week. I got some creamy icing and minimarsmellos and filled and iced the cake and the kids helped me decorate it a bit.
We put two half strawberries in the middle because Ix suggested it a few times and first I thought the combination with marshmellos was strange but I decied t do it after all. It was the first time I made a cake like this and I really enjoyed doing it a lot.

So maybe I'm going to start making cakes more often...

I'm planning to make cupcakes as an activity with the kids anyway next week.
I saw a nice book about it in Dunnes stores for only E4,99 with ideas so I might get it and try to make some really nice ones.

Today we're doing a BBQ at home and maybe we're going to do something else like the park, the beach, indoor playground or the movies

Whatever you have planned for today, I'm wishing you s lovely day.....

And Gods richest blessings to you....


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