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Leopard print, hot pink and sparkles. Mini Lipsy giveaway. (closed)

As you perhaps could tell from my last post, I love animal print but mostly leopard print.
I'm always excited when I find something in leopard print.
I also love hot pink and sparkles. So I love finding items with one of these three things on them.

I was thrilled to find the top that I was wearing today on a carboot sale for 1 euro. It has all three things in it, even though the sparkles are hard to see on these pictures.

I'm wearing it with a denim skirt and black shiny (leather look) leggings

That's also why I'm still in love with the Lipsy bag I bought last year, which has all three combined in one bag.

 I actually exchanged my bag with a new one that I bought as a spare because I loved the bag so much. The old one still needs to go in the washing machine but for now I 'm enjoying the new one.
It a comes with a purse which is also in leopard print and pink but it misses the sparkles.
I have a new purse as well to replace my purse but have decided that it would be nice to give this away to one of my readers. This purse is from Lipsy London by AVON as mentioned in this post.

So I'm hosting a little giveaway.

To join in the give away you have to be or become a follower of my blog and comment on this post by answering one of the following questions :
Is there any item in your wardrobe (clothes, shoes, bags) that you can't get over ?
Do you have a love for certain patterns or colors ?

Please use the raffle copter to enter.
The give away is open worldwide.

I will choose a winner in 4 weeks.

Good luck !


Linking up with What I wore wednesday by Transatlantic Blonde and The Pleated Poppy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Scrapcrazy said…
love your blog, to answer these questions: Is there any item in your wardrobe (clothes, shoes, bags) that you can't get over ? Yes I love comfy clothes.
Do you have a love for certain patterns or colors ? I love to have everything in pink and with bling. Cant always find the bling, but usually can find pink. Shirts, shoes, shorts, dresses, anything with pink in it.
Thanks for the contest.
Melaina25 said…
I'm a sucker for leopard print, too :)

✰Transatlantic Blonde✰
I have a Coach purse that I won't ever get rid of. It matches everything and the quality is superb.
I love polka dots and stripes...especially together, and anything with bright colors!
HydeKayla said…
I love anything thats purple!
Jen Schneider said…
I love my coach purse, and I adore leopard print!
Dawn Hecke said…
I love socks! I know it sounds crazy,but I have a sock addiction.
L'Adrienn said…
I love black dresses and lace, lace, lace !!
Chan said…
Hi all, thanks for joining in the give away. I love all of your comments ! Great to hear about the things that you love. So cool !
Kim Tucker said…
I love anything closet is full of blue shirts, favorite thing this summer is a pair of black them...goes with almost everything...also have a thing for purses, look at them every time I shop!
Alexandru Rusu said…
I like this purse.My girlfriend love leopard colors!
kristaljane25 said…
Do you have a love for certain patterns or colors ?

My favorite color for anything is RED. The deeper the better.
Anna A. said…
I like clothes, shoes, and bags and enjoy the ones that I have but I don't really feel any attachment towards them. :) I usually choose plains and dark colors.
diaphoretic said…
I usually like wearing neutral colors like black, white, and blue, so people wouldn't notice if I'm wearing them again and again lol. :D But I also love stripes and lace.
I love animal prints!
Jessica Wyatt said…
Right now I'm in love with my solid black maxi dress..... My husband seems to think I love wearing pink though!
Chan said…
So great to hear about all the different things that you love. good luck with the giveaway all !
Allie G said…
I love zebra print
Anna A. said…
Yay! So excited to start using it. Thank you very much!! <3

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