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Running in mud

Just (exactly) three more weeks, counting from today and then I’m going to do a 5K challenge in a team with a few other 'crazy' women.
The 'crazy' part is that there is probably going to be a lot of mud involved, water, rope climbs and a lot of other obstacles.
And it is not exactly in the middle of the Summer.
It's getting a bit cold here some days.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of the event that I'm talking about.

Exciting eh? Mwah But it should be a great personal challenge to participate in it and lots of fun too.

In June I did 10 k in the Womens mini marathon but I haven’t done much training since then, apart from taking a lot of long walks on my fit flops which made it to my August favourites post .Read here. And I had a few more walks and went jogging one single time.

Well today, I’m ‘suffering’ from flu but from next week I will really have to start getting more active again because you seem to need quite some energy to pull…

Giveaway results !!

First of all, apologies for the delay in doing this post.
 I have had a lot of problems with internet over the last weeks.

As you might know the giveaway is over.
Thanks to all of you for participating.
Three winners have been selected by the rafflecopter.
Congratulations to Leah, Jennifer and Kelly!!
All the winners have received an email requesting their address details.
If you haven’t sent me your address details yet, please send them to me within 48 hours .
If I haven’t heard from you within 48 hours from now, another winner will have to be selected.
Keep an eye on my blog, because there will be another giveaway soon.

Have a great weekend.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What 's in my (black clutch) bag ?

It’s only a few more hours till the end of my giveaway. So if you haven’t entered yet. Please enter here now.
One of the items that I’m giving away is a black clutch from AVON.
I really love those bags myself and have one of them as well.
Last Sunday I went to church dressed in black and decided to take my black clutch with me.

It was the first time I used it. I normally have bigger bags like the one from my August favourites post, so I was curious to know what would fit in it and was excited that my purse (August favourites) fitted in it. So I decided to do a post about it.
This is what was in my bag.

Sunglasses (from my post August favourites )
Reading glasses
Eye liner
Lip gloss
Bottle of perfume

I must say that the way it’s made, it’s really good to have a big purse in it because it helps give it a shape.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my post.

Good luck to all who entered in the giveaway.

And have a wonderful weekend.


Gods divine intervention

Last Monday, exactly nineteen months ago, my youngest daughter was born.

We named her Nevaeh –Divine Setha Mattanya Sasamaro.
God put the name Nevaeh -Divine on my heart after DH changed his mind about the name that he wanted to give her. I wanted to give her a name that would glorify Gods name. After two emergency c-sections I was believing the Lord to have a normal birth at home. I read a lot about this topic and prepared myself well and also prayed a lot. One of the things I found out is that the baby’s head needs to be in the right position to be able to fit through the pelvis. With Ixora’s birth the doctors said afterwards that her head didn’t fit. With Yovannahs birth her head was turned upwards and she wasn’t able to turn in the right position, leadingto her being delivered through emergency c-section because of distress. In both cases dilation didn’t get to more than 5-6 centimeters. In the case of Ixora’s birth I had been getting contractions for 42 hours and she was deliver…

Benefits of drinking water

Today the last post in the Health and beauty week.

In my post about favourites of August I mentioned a big bottle of still water as one of my favourites. Read that post here.

The other day I saw a picture on facebook with a few benefits of drinking water on it and thought it would be nice to write a post about it.

I didn't have enough time to research myself so my information comes mostly from the website

The Top 10 benefits of drinking water.

1 Losing weight: Drinking water helps you lose weight because it flushes down the by-products of fat breakdown. Drinking water reduces hunger, so you’ll eat less. Plus, water has zero calories.

2 Looking younger with healthier and glowing skin: You’ll look younger when your skin is properly hydrated. Water helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin and increases skin elasticity. Also water helps to purge toxins from your blood which keeps your skin glowing and clear.

3 Better productivity …

Testimony Thursday Link up: Power in worship

Today I want to share a video of a worship song that I love and that has blessed me in times that my world seemed to be falling apart or when I wasn't sure about things.

It's great to know that whatever we go through that God is in control in our lives. Our life is in God hands and His thoughts about us are meant for good and not for evil.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)

So our world is safe in His hands as the songs says. Knowing this, changes everything. Because we know that everything will be alright as long as we stay close to Him.

God is good. In His love ,goodness and faithfulness He can use songs to bless us and to speak to our hearts.
He has done this many times for me and this is one of the songs He used.
The bible also says that God inhabits the praises of His people. He builds His throne on our praises.

Power of G…

What I Wore today.

Today, just a short post about what I was wearing today.

The weather was cold, mostly dry, with sunny spells.

It was warm enough to wear what I was wearing.

Looking at the picture ,I think my pants are a bit too long.

Apologies for the not so great pics. They are made with a mobile phone.

Black shirt Awear

Bodywarmer MODO

White pants: Atmosphere

Sunglasses: Claires

Jewelry: AVON

Boots: AVON

What were you wearing today ?

Love and blessings,

Don't forget to join my giveaway.

TUBE TUESDAY; Summer to Fall (Wardrobe) Transition

What are you wearing today? Is it a summer dress or a sweater ? What we’re wearing is mostly depending on the weather of the place where we are in the world.
Apparently, it’s still Summer weather in some parts of Europe but unfortunately that is certainly not the case here in Ireland. Little by little we will have to accept that the Summer really is coming to an end.
Isn’t that thing called weather a bit strange though ?
Seriously, doesn’t it keep surprising you?

One day it can be really cold and then the next day it’s like a Summer day again or the other way around.
Here in Ireland there have been a few days last month that it kept going from Summer with lots of sunshine to rainy and then back and then back again in one single day.

At the end of August when the school started we had a lovely sunny day and then extremely cold and dark weather and I thought the Summer is now really over but the day after it was really sunny summer weather again which led us to having a great time …

Health and Beauty week: Five a day

Since I didn't write a post about health and beauty last week I've planned to make this into a Health and Beauty week.

This means that I will write at least three posts this week about health and beauty.
If you want to join in , please leave your blog url in the comments.

Below the first post.

Five a day

I am lucky to be blessed with a daughter who really loves fruit.
Though her big sisters aren’t that much into fruit Nevaeh just loves it.
She even asks for it when she sees it.
She loves grapes the most but she also loves oranges, nectarines, pears, bananas and apples and probably other fruit if you would give it to her. I absolutely love it.
Because as a mum you ofcourse want to feed your kids as well as possible and one of the most important foods are vegetables and fruits.

So a while ago I found this apple slicer in a shop. It’s so really handy to get apple parts. It really takes less time.

(Sorry the pic is missing because my camera broke) I’m also loving the Aldi…

Shop log, video clip and Giveaway (closed)

I always love to go to the Car boot sale on Saturday but today I was quite late so most sellers were already gone.
Still, I managed to find a few nice things.
Lovely brown pants from Karen Miller and a cream skirt, a black brooch and black blouse and two craft sets. Total spend: 6 euro.

Since this is post number 40, I've decided to do a give away.

The give away is under the condition that there will be at least 25 followers on my blog over the coming two weeks.

These are the prizes.

1 Black clutch bag from AVON.

2 Lace clutch bag from AVON.


This is an amazing cream and you can see more about it in the below clip.

All you have to do to have a chance to win one of these prizes is:

1 Follow the 'My life as a mum blog' via Google Connect Friends or Networked Blogs.

2 Leave a comment on one of the blog posts from the past week.

3 Let others know about the give away and/or the blog.

You can participate in this giveaway till Sunday 23 September.


Five minute Friday: Graceful in Him.

Today, I'm joining the Five minute Friday club again at Lisa-Jo Baker

Join in, will you ?

Today we are writing about :Graceful.

This is what came out when I started typing on my laptop.


Wouldn’t we all want to be called graceful? Yet, it’s the same word, we all wouldn’t describe ourselves with. Still , I somehow think when God created the woman out of the rib of Adam, what His thoughts about her would’ve been. All that He created was perfect in His eyes. So somehow I have the feeling that His thoughts about the woman would have been nothing less than graceful.
He made her with His own hands. She was created by a perfect God with a perfect plan. She was made perfect in Him, with all the potential that she could have. He made no mistakes. He knew what she would be capable to do, if only she would walk in His perfect plan for her life. If she would stay close to the God that created her and allow Him to lead her in all that she does.
He made her nothing less than gracefu…

Testimony Thursday Link up Party :Trusting God.

After the arrival of my third child there wasn’t much I was doing for the service of the Lord.
Having three small children made me feel more than a mum than ever and I accepted the fact that I would have less time to work for God.

I started to see being a mother as a ministry, something I could do for God.
Raising my children in the fear of the Lord, trying to be an example so they as little as they are will get to know the Lord and get to know how much He loves them and making them decide to choose to accept Him as their Lord when they are old enough to do so.
And so they could make a decision to live life Gods way, to walk in that plan that He has for their lives.

I believe that we as mothers have that task first of all. We are also part of Gods great plan for the world. We get to impart the word of God into the lives of our children.
What we say to them can keep them from making the wrong decisions, from going the wrong way.
We are Gods tools to get those little souls saved a…

(A bit) Wordless Wednesday : Fun in the park

So this is what we've been up to last weekend.

After having a cold Friday, the Summer seemed to have returned on Saturday and we took the opportunity to finally go to Corkagh Park, to drive the small ones around in their smart trikes and so Ix could go on her flicker and/or learn to ride her bike.

We went back on Sunday but for a shorter time.

Here are a few pics from what we did and saw.

Saturday (I took a lot of pics and these are a couple of them )