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Friday, September 7, 2012

Five minute Friday: Graceful in Him.

Today, I'm joining the Five minute Friday club again at Lisa-Jo Baker

Join in, will you ?

Today we are writing about :Graceful.

This is what came out when I started typing on my laptop.


Wouldn’t we all want to be called graceful? Yet, it’s the same word, we all wouldn’t describe ourselves with. Still , I somehow think when God created the woman out of the rib of Adam, what His thoughts about her would’ve been. All that He created was perfect in His eyes. So somehow I have the feeling that His thoughts about the woman would have been nothing less than graceful.
He made her with His own hands. She was created by a perfect God with a perfect plan. She was made perfect in Him, with all the potential that she could have. He made no mistakes. He knew what she would be capable to do, if only she would walk in His perfect plan for her life. If she would stay close to the God that created her and allow Him to lead her in all that she does.
He made her nothing less than graceful.
For in Him she is all this and even more…

Now it's your turn.

Write for five minutes and then link up to Lisa- Jo's post here.

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Jacque @ Mercy Found Me said...

Yes! All this and even more...I love that. May we all walk close to Him! Blessings to you!
~Jacque said...

what a beautiful post and take on "Graceful". I enjoyed reading that and what a great way to start my morning.

Chan said...

Thanks Jacque. Blessings to you too.

Chan said...

Thank you Karen. That's great to hear.

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