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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Running in mud

Just (exactly) three more weeks, counting from today and then I’m going to do a 5K challenge in a team with a few other 'crazy' women.
The 'crazy' part is that there is probably going to be a lot of mud involved, water, rope climbs and a lot of other obstacles.
And it is not exactly in the middle of the Summer.
It's getting a bit cold here some days.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of the event that I'm talking about.

Exciting eh? Mwah But it should be a great personal challenge to participate in it and lots of fun too.

In June I did 10 k in the Womens mini marathon but I haven’t done much training since then, apart from taking a lot of long walks on my fit flops which made it to my August favourites post .Read here. And I had a few more walks and went jogging one single time.

Well today, I’m ‘suffering’ from flu but from next week I will really have to start getting more active again because you seem to need quite some energy to pull it all off so I really will have to start working on getting in a better condition.

Are you currently training for an event? Do you have any tips?

Have a great weekend all.


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