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Peppa pig panties and sandwiches with chocolate spread

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Friday 31 August 2012

Somehow I woke up very early in the morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I wasn’t feeling to great and secretly I was hoping that it was Saturday and that I didn’t have to do the school run with two kids. And then I realised how blessed I am with the fact that Yov is going to school in the same building as Ix.. Because if I had not changed her pre- school this week I would have to drop her somewhere much further away and collect her from there next to bringing Ixora to school and collecting her from her school here in the estate.

So the girls both started yesterday and it was a really great day to experience. I was really excited, especially because of Yovannahs first day at pre-school. And she had a great time ans settled really well. The staff said that she just played away, as if she had been going to that pre-school for a long time already. I didn’t expect differently from my little girl, who just loves to play with toys.

Today on Yovannahs second day of pre -school I realise that this new stage has brought a few challenges.
Small ones like making a couple of pony tails in her hair every morning while she is watching Peppa Pig and big sister is still in bed and a few bigger ones like her refusing to wear the panties I put on for her.
Yov is really into peppa pig next to Hello Kitty and the day before she started pre-school I went to get her a couple more panties. Unfortunately, they didn’t have Peppa Pig ones in her size so in the end I bought a pack of seven panties for 10 euro, in seven different colours, all with hearts on them.
While I was sitting in the car I regretted my decision, even though she seemed excited at the time. I contemplated returning them and then going to another shop to buy peppa pig panties. But I didn’t. She seemed to like them and wanted me to open the pack at home.
But the next morning she refused to put them on. I tried to ask if she wanted a few others that were in her drawer but she kept saying’ no’.
I had bought her a few Peppa Pig panties at the start of the Summer when we first started to toilet train her but somehow most of them have disappeared. But I knew there should be a few of them left and I went into the laundry basket and was lucky to find a panty with the word peppa on it. Luckily she was happy to wear that.

This morning I had the same problem. I searched for more hidden Peppa Pig panties but decided to wash the one from yesterday just in case I wouldn’t be able to find and then put it in the dryer afterwards. Who knew it just might be a dry in time for us to leave for school. All the while the mrs was panty less. I wasn’t lucky to find other Peppa Pig panties.
And the washed panty unfortunately was not really dry enough to wear after 30 minutes in the dryer. So I decided to try the old fashioned way we used to it when we were small.
I ironed them. It took me some time but eventually it worked. Yay! And my happy toddler had a panty to wear to school.

I also had some trouble making her sandwiches for school. Yov isn’t really in to sandwiches but something that she would eat on a sandwich would be chocolate spread.

Somehow the chocolate spread in the jar got really thick and I just couldn’t manage to put it on properly. I still tried and then the slice of bread got a whole in it. So then I thought: ‘you know what we’re just going to make the chocolate spread soft.’
I put some chocolate spread on a small plate and put it in the microwave for a few seconds and ‘voila it’ was soft enough to easily spread on a new slice of bread. I couldn’t be more pleased with myself. LOL

So I guess I deserve a 'super mom' button today LOL But whatever challenges this new stage might bring, I can’t help but feel so blessed and grateful that my little girl is growing up and is ready to learn so many new things. I praise the Lord for that.

And I know that with the grace of God I will overcome all the challenges big and small that this might bring with it. Glory to His name!

Yov on her second day in pre -school (she only changed her shoes after coming home. She wore white Hello Kitty shoes with pink accents and white socks to school )

Have a great day today….

The weekend is almost here…


NB. Getting some extra Peppa Pig underwear in the weekend, just in case.


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