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Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello Monday : New experiences

Joining Lisa at Lisa Leonard blog today.

Hello to a new season in life.
Hello to Yovannah starting pre- school and doing great.

Hello to Ixora starting second class and seeing her old class mates back and the same teacher in the same class room.

Hello to doing the school run with two kiddoes instead of one,
Hello trying to get to school on time.
Hello to a bit more time for other things and to spend with Nevaeh.
Hello to putting clothes and bags ready for the next day.

Hello to putting the kids to bed early and getting them out of bed early.

Hello to the last warm days and watching the kids play in the yard.

Hello to de-cluttering and trying to sell the good things we no longer need or use.
Hello to new routines.
Hello to Yovannah doing well with her toilet training.
Hello to Nevaeh learning new words.
Hello to practising to drive in my automatic car.

Hello to making pony tails in Yovannahs hair every morning.

Hello to meal planning and buying groceries for the whole week.
Hello to no more afternoon naps for Yovannah.
Hello to the milk being delivered again.

Hello dishwasher !

Hello to trusting the Lord to provide in all our needs according to His riches in glory in this specific time.

Hello to being reminded every day how good God is and what a blessing it is to live and to be able to experience all of the above.


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