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Home shopping.

As you probably know I currently have a home shopping business. I haven't had much time to do much Avon stuff lately, though. I really have to find a way to manage my time better. Sigh...
But I still like to offer customers the possibility to shop from their homes.
Some customers are so enthusiastic and they're so friendly and invite you in their house. Meeting all those different women and becoming kind of friends with them is the nicest thing of the job.
Ofcourse it's also nice to earn something from it but until now the earnings haven't been so much that I would be able to quit my job lol Actually it's far from that.Anyway, somehow I still like it. Hubby and I like the products as well, so we order for ourselves as well.
I hope to be able to do Avon parties soon. I've collected a few products already which people than will be able to try out. I wonder how it will go.

I really find it so interesting that people are gladly willing to shop from their homes. I&#…

A week with the kids

This week Dd 1 had another school break so instead of paying a child minder for 4 whole days I decided to take annual leave. I still had 8 days to take before the end of March so I had to start taking some days off anyway.
I just got an important new task at my work so for that reason I was a bit sorry to take so many days off but my task got covered by my BackUp and I was just really thrilled to be a week off and to be able to spend so much time with the kids again.Yay !
I was really finding it hard that I couldn't see the baby so often so I really needed this week. And I really enjoyed my week off ! Glory to God !
I only took the baby to the creche on Wednesday and Friday afternoon so it won't be strange for her when she has to go back for 4 whole days next week.
I'm really not looking forward to next week but yeah, we'll be okay, I guess.
I didn't get to do many fun things with them, unfortunately.
I only took Dd1 to the playground one day, together with a frien…

Working mum

So I started work on the 11 th last month and am starting to get used to it a little bit.Although I still wish that it was possible for me to work less or to work from home.The baby is still so small.(almost 8 months now) and I just wish I could take care of her more. Now I have to do with one day parental leave per week.
Well, I'm grateful that I have at least that extra day.
And ofcourse I was looking forward a lot -literally counting the days lol-to my first payment. Yay !That was nice ,but with having to pay the rent and other bills and the child minder and so on, it was all gone pretty quickly.
I just got myself a 'modern mum' magazine and just lots of food etc and two skirts from sales for the baby and a toy for dd1.And a 3 euro blouse for church. But hubby got me a nice coat,which I only wore to church because it's too cold to wear it when I need to take the bus home from work.
So today is my weekly day off. Dd1 is off from school so we all got to sleep late e…