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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A week with the kids

This week Dd 1 had another school break so instead of paying a child minder for 4 whole days I decided to take annual leave. I still had 8 days to take before the end of March so I had to start taking some days off anyway.
I just got an important new task at my work so for that reason I was a bit sorry to take so many days off but my task got covered by my BackUp and I was just really thrilled to be a week off and to be able to spend so much time with the kids again.Yay !
I was really finding it hard that I couldn't see the baby so often so I really needed this week. And I really enjoyed my week off ! Glory to God !
I only took the baby to the creche on Wednesday and Friday afternoon so it won't be strange for her when she has to go back for 4 whole days next week.
I'm really not looking forward to next week but yeah, we'll be okay, I guess.
I didn't get to do many fun things with them, unfortunately.
I only took Dd1 to the playground one day, together with a friend of hers. But just getting to spend time with them was great.
I can't wait for the next week off and hopefully I've learned to drive better then and I can take them to an animal farm and maybe swimming or something else.
I still never took the baby swimming inspite of getting her a really cute little swimsuit months ago. I don't know if it will still fit. She's a bit small for 8 months so maybe.. I hope I can take her for her first swim soon.
Her sister had her first swim when she was 11 weeks old,but I wasn't so busy in that time. Maybe I'll be getting this.

Anyway, I'm really so grateful for this week. Yaaay ! Just wish my days off would never end lol Well, I have to work to earn money so that makes it necessary.
As a matter of fact, next week it will be payday again. Yay !
Have a great weekend all. Gods richest blessings...

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