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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Working mum

So I started work on the 11 th last month and am starting to get used to it a little bit.Although I still wish that it was possible for me to work less or to work from home.The baby is still so small.(almost 8 months now) and I just wish I could take care of her more. Now I have to do with one day parental leave per week.
Well, I'm grateful that I have at least that extra day.
And ofcourse I was looking forward a lot -literally counting the days lol-to my first payment. Yay !That was nice ,but with having to pay the rent and other bills and the child minder and so on, it was all gone pretty quickly.
I just got myself a 'modern mum' magazine and just lots of food etc and two skirts from sales for the baby and a toy for dd1.And a 3 euro blouse for church. But hubby got me a nice coat,which I only wore to church because it's too cold to wear it when I need to take the bus home from work.
So today is my weekly day off. Dd1 is off from school so we all got to sleep late except for dad who needed to go to work of course.
It's good to have some extra rest in the middle of the week.
I'm starting work everyday at 7, so I have to wake up really early and am exhausted everyday. After work, I go to the creche around 4,feed the baby and then take her with me and then pick up dd1 and take them home. And then I cook dinner and by that time I haven't got much energy left.
So I hope this day off in the middle of the week will make a difference.
This is the first time I really stayed home with minimal activities, so we'll see.
I just did a little bit of cleaning .I wanted to do more but I needed to give the baby attention as well. She has a runny nose,is coughing,has nappy rash and is teething. Poor girl !I'm really happy I can be home with her today.Praise God !
Wow, only two more days work and then it's weekend again. Yay !
All you working mums, hold on the weekend is almost there.
And everyone a very blessed week !

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