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Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Beauty Blog Challenge

I always wanted to do a blog challenge to motivate me to write everyday so when I read about the September Beauty Blog Challenge I decided to participate in it.
I love that there are different topic suggestions for beauty or life style posts as this will help me to start writing about other things as well. I haven't been doing a lot of beauty posts but I love the idea of writing more of these. I saw some other September challenges but I liked this one the most.

I hope to be able to stick with it and blog every day, even though I 'm probably not going to use all the topic suggestions.
I hope this will really motivate me and increase my love for blogging as well as get me in the habit of blogging regularly.
I hope that I'll grow to love blogging about other topics than I'm used to. And hopefully I 'll get to meet a lot of new bloggers and make some blog friends.

 So join in  or read along.....

Read about it here.



Louise said...

Think I might join in on this too!! Find me on twitter and we can motivate each other!!! :D @IdyllicDreamer

Chan said...

Cool ! I'm following you on Twitter.

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