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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mummy points wk 3: Star charts and wake up time

Welcome to the third edition of Mummy points.
I started Mummy points to share or big and small accomplishments as mums every week to encourage ourselves and each other. Feel free to join in. To find out more about this, go here.

This week has gone past so quickly. I started the week with introducing star charts for all of the girls. I found star charts in a shop at the Tallaght Square for 2 euro a while back and finally started with them. You had to fill in what each child has to do every day to receive a beautiful golden star sticker. When they have an amount of stars they get a certain reward. You have to fill that in too. Very cool but it hasn’t really helped yet, since I’m still working on the bedtimes and that is one of the things that they need to do to get a star. So I haven’t given out one single star yet. LOL

I actually realise now that I was doing it all wrong. I thought that they needed to do a few things to get one star. But that's not the case. Silly me ! And to be honest, I haven’t really reminded them of the star charts which I should’ve. I probably kind of forgot about them some days as well (oops ! I was just so busy), even though Yovannah has been asking for a star sometimes. But they’ll be going on the walls the coming week and I will remind them and encourage them so they can start getting stars.
But now that I'm going to do it the right way, it will work much better, I' m sure.
I'm excited now to start giving out golden star stickers. Yay ! Bring it on !

I kept it quite simple with the things that they have to do.

Ixora's star chart says :

Brush your teeth 2x
Get up before 7.30
Sleep before 9.30
Tidy up room
Eat dinner

(Her bed time will hopefully be adjusted to earlier as soon as this works well. I put it on 9.30 to be a bit fair to her)

I'd love to put other things on a chart but I will just start with these and then get some another chart where I can put more different tasks on.

Ixora is really a night person like her dad so it was a bit hard to get her out of bed and to actually get herself ready so that made us (a bit ) late for school. So I decided to wake them up earlier and that really worked. Yay ! Glory to God. This week will be a new challenge. We will all have to wake up even earlier. I’m starting college so to make it to college on time we’ll have to get to school early instead of just in time. Especially, since I have to drop Nevaeh at the crèche as well. 
She’ll be going to Pre-Montessori in the morning and in the afternoon in the toddler room. We went to check out the place this past week and when we left she said: ‘I like my school, mummy.’ I hope that she’ll love it there . She is been asking to go to school for a year now. And now she finally gets to go. Yay! I’m not sure how my roster will look. Yes, they actually let us wait till the first day to find it out so I’m not sure how many hours she will be there. I just hope the days are not too long.
Getting them up really early should help them to go to bed earlier as well so I'm hopeful for next week.
I worked a bit more on the bedtime routine this week and started to read books again with them. It’s not really going well every night yet so that will be something to work on this week as well.

All in all, the kids were fed, taken care of (and loved ) and another week of single parenting has come to a completion. So I’m patting myself on the back for doing all of that.;)

Found this funny card online.

What about you? What have you been up to, this (past) week?

What have you done this (past) week that you are proud of ?
Which changes are you working on in your household ?
What can you encourage yourself with about this week?
What can you share to pat yourself on the back ?

Write a blog post in which you share with us the answer to any of the above questions and leave the link in the comments. Or just write in the comments something that you want to share about your week.

Let’s do this together. Let’s work together on -little by little- becoming more of the mums that we would like to be. Let’s rejoice in our small (or big) victories together.
After all, we're all 'super mummies in the making'.

Do you use star charts ? What are the rewards that you're giving to your children ?
I'd love to hear from you.



Mel S. said...

It can be so challenging to get kids to fulfill responsibilities! My daughter has a morning list and I still need to remind her to brush her teeth.

Mel S

Betty Taylor said...

Good Morning! I am visiting from Mommy Monday. I think I got you followed on everything. Have a super duper week!

Kriss MacDonald said...

Any tips to get my kids to bed earlier now that school has started are more than welcome. I think a rewards chart is a great idea.

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