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Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear mummy (a letter from my baby girl to me)

This blog post is inspired by this post from 'Little miss momma' and this commercial.
It's a letter to me written from the eyes of my two year old toddler Nevaeh-Divine.

Dear mummy,

I know that you sometimes say ‘no’ when I want to drink mummy milk and that you think that I drink it too much and that you actually want me to stop. But I’m still not ready to do that because like I told you today: ‘I need my pookie.’ from time to time
I love the taste of it and that it’s nice and warm and I love that it makes me feel so close to you. There is no place where I feel safer than in your arms.
And when I'm drinking ‘pookie’ I get to be in your arms for a while.
Thank you for being so patient with me and still letting me drink a lot of the time.

Mummy I know that you got upset when you came to look for Yovannah and I, and noticed that Goldie was missing from the vase where you put him in and when you saw that I was playing with a plastic toy fish in the vase and putting fish food in the vase.
We only wanted to play mummy, and honestly, Yovannah is the one who took Goldie out of the vase and put her back into her dirty tank.
I know you were very upset because you didn’t know where Goldie was (especially after Tiny had just died) and I’m sorry that we gave you such a fright.

Mummy, I love it when you take time to play with me like yesterday when I was hiding behind your back and I was saying ‘Mummy, I can see you.’ And then you turned around to see me and said ‘I can see you too’. I love it that you never get tired even if I go on and on with that game and that you keep playing along with me and that it also makes you laugh the whole time.

Or when we're on  your bed and I bring my foot towards your mouth and you pretend that you’re gobbling it up. It makes me laugh. And I love it that you don’t mind that I keep doing it again and again. And I laugh every time when you pretend to gobble my foot up.

Mummy, I love you. I love to say it lately and then put my arms around your legs and give you a cuddle. I love it that you say :' I love you too baby'  I love that you take care of me and my older sisters. I love how you try to make me happy and give me skirts and dresses to wear which I all call ‘ballerina’. I love that you let me wear them because I like them the best from all my clothes and I actually don’t like to wear other things.
Thank you for giving me room to choose what I wear.
Mummy, I love that you comfort me when I’m sad and that you know just what to do to make me feel better.  I love your cuddles and your kisses and when you rub your nose against my nose.
I love it when you play with my hair while I’m drinking’ pookie’.
I love it when you make me crackers with chocolate spread or when we’re out and about and you’re peeling my apple with your teeth.

I know that I don’t make it easy for you when you need to brush my teeth or when you comb my hair. But I promise when I’m bigger, it will be so much easier for you.

Mummy, I know how you often say to yourself that you want to be a better mum to us, that there are so many things that you want to improve in as a mum.  But mum, you’re doing fine. I know that you’re not perfect. Stil,l someday I want to be just like you. You’re really doing okay. You make sure that we are doing well and we really are and we are happy too. We love it how you always look for fun things to do for us and how you enjoy seeing us enjoying ourselves. You change me, give me baths and dress me and you make sure that I’m fed and that I sleep. But most of all you’re giving me your love and attention. There’s not much more that I need mummy.

You’re doing okay. Trust me.

Love you always,
Your ‘Nevaloo’  (Nevaeh-Divine)

(2 years and three months old)


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