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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Testimony Thursday Link up :Parenting with the grace of God

A few months ago I decided to start a Testimony Thursday link up.
See here. Since I haven't been blogging for awhile buttrecently started again I want to honor God by starting this link party again. Please join in.

Here is my post for this week.

I’m currently not a very organized mum but I would love to be and I’m working on it, but I’m not quite there yet. I’m blessed that my experience is that where I fall short I continually see the grace of God. 
For example I try to do laundry often but then when I’ve been really busy with other things I might not realise or forget that it was time to wash some more clothes.
And then when I get up in the morning and I look into the girls’ drawers to gather the clothes together to put ready for the girls, (ideally I would love to have their clothes ready on  the night before but this doesn’t happen often ) I’m painfully reminded that I should’ve washed certain clothes for the girls.
I then cry out to God for help and He helps me in His grace.
Somehow it always works out and I can send the kids to school in a nice, clean outfit.
Somehow I find a few items that were lying somewhere else or put together an outfit with other items then I would’ve done before. This is really all because of the goodness of God.

Today I saw His grace again in another situation. We are blessed to have a primary school in the estate where we live. This means that I only have to walk a few minutes to collect the children from school but a lot of times we collect them by car if we’re going somewhere afterwards or if it’s raining.
Today I had to walk to collect Ixora and when I left, it was already raining a bit and when I arrived there it started to rain more.
When Ixora came out it started to rain really hard and I told her that we unfortunately had to walk because her dad was sleeping. Looking at the rain I said ‘but we can pray’ and as the rain was falling on us I decided to be bold and stand in faith and I started to pray ‘Lord please make the rain stop so that we won’t have to get soaking wet.’
We walked towards the school gate while I put my hand on her hat. I told her; ‘I think I have to get one of those big umbrella’s next week because if we had one of them now we would’ve been dry and I felt that it was all my fault that we were getting wet.
We saw the dad of Ixora’s friend who sometimes gives us a lift but he seemed to have someone else in the car with him. So he walked towards our house and I said to Ixora ;’But we’ll  be alright’. Shortly after tha,t the rain started to get less and I said :’God is hearing our prayer. Halleluyah! ‘The rain was getting less and less and the sun started to come out from behind the clouds. I started to say how good God was and started to sing about His goodness. The sun took over and even the last few rain drops dried up and on the last piece of our journey home the sun was shining full on. When we arrived home it was very sunny and we were hardly wet. As a matter of fact we didn’t feel wet at all. Glory to God!
I’m amazed by the great God that we serve. I’m amazed by His goodness, His love and His grace. When I was walking on the school yard and I didn’t have an umbrella to protect my child against the rain it made me feel that I fell short. But where I fall short His grace comes in and I’m so blessed to serve and know Him. Glory to His name!
Please be encouraged that we are not expected to be perfect as mums, but it’s His grace that will help us to be the best mums that we can.

Do you have a testimony that you're sharing this week ?
I'd love it if you would link it up to my Testimony Thursday post.
Or write your testimony (even if it is short) in the comments below.

Let's give God the glory for all that He has done and all that He is doing in our lives.




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