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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello Suriname

It has been a while since I've posted on this blog but I hope to be posting more again in the coming time. 

Today another Hello Monday post.

Hello Monday,

Hello to being away for over two months to visit my mum in South America.

Hello to mosquito bites and heat, using vape and watching tv in the living room with two fans on at the same time.

Hello to wearing summer clothes every single day.

Hello to home schooling my youngest girls so they won’t get too behind at school when we are back.

Hello to going against the country customs and having dinner in the evening instead of around 1.00.

Hello to power cuts of which we luckily only had one.

Hello to swimming in coca cola coloured water at the kids’ grandparents place from fathers’ side.

Hello to seeing mum/grandma every single day as she comes to visit us in her second house where we’re staying.

Hello to getting the chance to sit on cousin’s horse.

Hello to watching the newest movies on tv because that is possible here.

Hello to having baths in cold water and sometimes outside in a tub.

Hello to cooking and eating vegetables from my mums garden.

Hello Suriname.

It takes some getting used to but we are blessed that we can be here for a while.

Hello to all that’s still to come.

What are you saying hello to today ?


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