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Yovannah's first hair blow out

A few months ago I blow dried my hair to flat iron it afterwards, because I went to an interview for college.
Yovannah liked the idea so much that she wanted to have her hair done as well.
I told her that she was too young and I would do it for her some day.
I think at some stage she found the hair dryer and tried it out a little by herself.

A few weeks back when I was in church I saw a little girl of Yovannahs age who’s hair seemed to be permanently relaxed. I kind of stared at her hair, even though I must say that those small pony tails looked quite cute, A colleague of mine also told me that she blowdried her two year olds hair with cold air.
So I decided to do it sooner since Yovannah is now 4 years old already.

Yovannahs hair is very curly but she has a loser curl than I and it looks really lovely when moisturised well and with some curl activator/gel.

Yovannah on her 4th birthday 

So I definately would never want to permanently straighten her hair.
But I was wondering how a blowout would be, also to see how long her hair really is without the shrinkage of the curls.

So since she had her last day at school today and they were having a special party, I decided to blow dry her hair for the first time last night.

I put a lot of things together and prepared her hair as much as I could.

These are the steps I followed

Yovannahs hair at the end of the day before blow drying

1 I put detangling spray in her hair

2 Detangled with wide tooth comb

3 Sprayed with water and oil mixture

4 Divided in parts and used other comb to de-tangle some more

5 Put hair cream on
6 Divided in more parts and sprayed heat protector spray over her whole hair.

I took these steps because I wanted to protect her hair but since I was using the lowest temperature, maybe it wasn’t really necessary to do so much but I think it was better anyway to have done it, because you can never be sure if she could hair damage from it. She also has hair that is very dry and gets dry very quickly as you can see in the first picture. So I think it was important to add some moisture first.

9 Blow drying part by part with a round brush.

I couldn't find my purple clips so I used some bobbins.

It took quite some time to blow dry her hair since it was wet and full of moisture. Also she had some very stubborn curls that wouldn’t go straight. LOL So I didn't get it fully straight. 

Almost finished, only front left to do.

I don’t have a lot of experience with blow drying anyway but it was nice to try.

The end result

She loved it. I put her hair in a bobbin before she went to bed and put one curler in and wondered how it would still be straight in the morning.

This is how it looked in the morning after I combed it and in a few bobbins in the front (I made curls in the pony tails and on the sides next to her ears)

Later her curls came back more and more, even though parts of her hair are still straighter than normal. I must say that the weather isn’t really ideal at the moment and she was playing with water at the sink when she was brushing her teeth before bed.

I’m still glad I could give her a different look for her school party and when she is older I might try to flat iron it on a special occasion.

Her hair is shorter at the front since she found a scissor once and cut a piece of her hair off some time ago so it is always in a seperate pony tail to manage better. On this picture you can see that her hair is a bit curly again.

Do you blow dry the hair of your little girl?



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