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An afternoon of playdough fun

-I originally wrote this post a few weeks ago-

Last year I had the privilege of doing a childcare course. It was an amazing and life changing experience.
The post of how I came to do the course is on my broken laptop but since I printed it out for one of my assignments I'll probably type it again and will post it one of these days.

I loved the module Child Development in which you learned about all the areas of child development and how to promote all the different areas through activities.
In the module Early Childhood Education we learned to plan and implement activities.
One of the favourites to do with children was play dough because it promotes intellectual, physical, emotional, social and language development at the same time.
I went into a pre-montessori and made play dough with the kids and then they played with it.

And at home I did the same with my kids. We made four different colours and added some glitters as well. Ixora and I ended up making really cool things like flowers, birds and turtles.  A while ago we made playdough again and used our imagination and creativity to make a lot of different things.
I’ve come to realise that play dough is really a lot of fun and it’s really for all ages.

I always wanted to have play dough shapes but I heard that they don’t sell them separately. So when I saw them in a pack with different colours of playdough last week I decided to buy the pack so the kids could have some play dough fun in their Easter break. We had a lot of fun together.

It was so interesting to see how each of us enjoyed the playing with play dough in a different way. I loved watching my two year old who hasn’t played with play dough much. She was using the roller and made the play dough really flat.
She also loved adding the colours together on a pile, something we weren’t too happy about but I wanted to give her some freedom to play with it.
I loved it when she made something and then yelled: ‘look a butterfly’.

That’s so great about play dough. The end product can be anything and this is so good for the imagination.

My teacher said that children in a childcare centre need to have play dough available every day. I need to do this way more often.
It’s also a great way to spend time with the kids.

I will write a post about making your own play dough on another day.

Below a few pics from our play dough afternoon.

Some of Ixora's creations

Club Penguin character

Yovannah is having fun with the shapes


Nevaeh is experimenting and enjoying the rolling

Exploring some more

A colourful pile made by Nevaeh

Using shapes and creating things

Cutting playdough with a cutter

My creations made with play dough shapes


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Playdough pack (pots with playdough and shapes) from ARGOS.


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