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Friday, June 28, 2013

In between time of fun

It's five minute Friday again.
We are writing about ' In Between'.


Today it’s the last school day and it is the last day that you will be attending the small playschool where you started last year. I put you on a special outfit with your favourite character Hello Kitty and last night I blow dried your hair for the first time so your hair looks a bit different today. I gave one of your teachers our camera to make a few shots of your last day in the playschool.
You no longer will be going to that big room with all the toys and the art work on the wall, the place you learned to love and are even asking to go to when it’s weekend.
Now you’re growing up. You will be going to big school. But not yet, first there is the in between time, the time of holiday, the time of fun, the time in which you will continue to learn on a daily basis but in a different way.

Have a happy holiday time Yovannah! I love you very much and am very proud of you.


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Brandi Mitchell said...

Found you on 5 Minute Friday! Thank you for sharing!

Anita Ojeda said...

Ah, it sounds like your beautiful daughter will have a fun in between time with YOU! Enjoy your holidays :).

Chan said...

Thanks for stopping by Brandi and Anita. Thanks Anita. Wishing you a great holiday time as well !

Tanya @ said...

What a special "in between" time for your sweet little one. Enjoy every moment. ~Tanya, from FMF.

Chan said...

Thank you Tanya !

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