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AVON Ireland is no more

It’s officially two weeks ago now that AVON pulled the plug on the business in Ireland. Apparently they were losing money.
Since I stopped being a business developer last year I read the news on facebook.
I was in shock. And also a bit sad.
Not because the loss of income, because even though I officially was still a representative I didn’t do a lot of AVON work. But I still felt a loss.
I felt a loss because I had become so dependent on so many AVON products myself and I was just about to put a nice order in for myself for some products we use at home and which had run out.
The prices of the AVON products are so affordable and what I also loved about AVON shopping is that you didn’t have to leave the door to go to a drugstore or supermarket to look for products. It was so convenient.

Apparently a few business developers- for whom this still was their main income – have decided to take their teams to Oriflame.
I’m not so sure about trying that yet. But I’m interested in seeing a brochure.
If they really have similar products and prices I might at least become a customer.

Apparently here in Ireland we can still order products through the UK website and then get them shipped through Parcel motel. I had a look though and the AVON shop unfortunately doesn’t have the same offers as the brochure. So I’m not sure if I will ever do that. We’ll see.

At the moment I’m about to blow dry my hair and straighten it with a flat iron after not having done that for almost two years.
I did some research on internet through youtube and so on and realised that I needed a lot of products to moisturise and protect my hair.

So I decided to shop my cupboards and found a lot of different hair products I had purchased from AVON. Anti frizz shampoo, damage repair shampoo, mask and leave in elixir, conditioner, leave in conditioner, heat protection spray. I was thrilled.
It saves me from having to buy all those products.

Today when I got ready for work, here are the AVON products that I used.

Washed my face with Avon care 3 in 1 Cleanser, toner and moisturiser
Used AVON Solutions Lift and firm body firming scrub
Showered with Senses shower gel
Used AVON Solutions Lift and firm body firming treatment gel
Used ANEW eye cream on my eyes
Used Diamond perfume
Used AVON Cellu -sculpt rolleron my legs
Washed my hands with Senses hand wash
Used glimmerstick eyeliner, Supershock mascara and lipgloss on my face


I guess I will have to find a way to replace all those items (and others not mentioned) when they finish.

What are /were your favourite AVON products?
What other favourite brands do you use and which items would you recommend?
I’d love to hear from you so don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Watch my blog for a (probably last) AVON  giveaway.

Enjoy your day.


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