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Kids picks (Christmas gifts)

Here in Ireland most people normally do their Christmas shopping well in advance. From October/ November you will hear people asking each other a lot : 'Have you started your Christmas shopping yet ? ' There will always be special sales in all the shops starting around that time or maybe even earlier. There will especially be great discounts on toys. But in the almost seven years that I have been living here, I have never really started shopping for Christmas gifts in advance. I usually by my gifts just before Christmas Day.
Only this year, I joined in with the early Christmas shopping and started getting some bits in from a few weeks ago. Maybe I got a bit influenced by the people that I work with on my work placement in a Montessori. But I really love knowing that the kids will at least have a few new things that they need or that they would like to have, on Christmas Day and not having to try to get something for them last minute. And I like that I got to divide the costs a bit this way, by getting a few small things every now and then. I don’t have any family here or really close friends so I only have to shop for my own little family wich means that I don't have a lot to buy. I only started to get some bits for the kids.
It is actually quite exciting : buying something and then hiding it in the cupboard. It is quite fun that you have some cool things that you know that the kids will love and that they don't know about it.

I am not sure if I will be able to afford more than just a few smaller gifts but I did look at some things with the kids and asked them what they liked. So this post is to share a bit of what is on their wish lists.

Ixora (my almost 9 year old) this year mostly wants to get books, books, books and more books. Ixora has been reading books from a book series called 'A series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket ' which she borrows at school and now she is looking forward to owning the newest edition of the last book,but she also her eyes on some other books.

 Apart from this, she also would love to have a Chemistry set and Microscope set.

18.99 euro  Kleeneze 

Yovannah (4,5 years old ) likes anything Hello kitty and she and Nevaeh would love to have some make up and she loves dressing tables and toy hair tools. So a Hello Kitty dressing table would be something she would love. I saw one that includes some make up. I'm not sure if the one from ARGOS has that included.

36.99 euro in ARGOS

Both Nevaeh and Yovannah really love taking pictures and keep stealing my camera so this is also something that she would love to have.

38.99 euro in Boots.

A week or so ago Nevaeh (My 2 year old ) saw a flyer with a pink VTECH Innotab 3 in it and she is been in love with it since then. She’s always been very interested in Ixora’s tablet so she’d love to own her own little tablet and the cool thing is that it takes pictures as well so she will stop taking my camera every time to take pictures.

The VTECH Innotab 3 and VTECH Innotab 3 S are for kids from 3-9 years old and since she will be three in February it probably will be suitable for her.

VTECH Innotab 3
48.99 (on sale in ARGOS for half of the normal price of 97.99)

I saw that they had it for half price in ARGOS but they seem to be sold out so maybe I’ll just get it for her on her birthday. We’ll see.

Apart from this,she likes anything Peppa pig. She also loves the idea of her own camera like the kidizoom.
55,99 euro in ARGOS.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet ?

What is high on the wish list of your kids ?

I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings and love,


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