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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Car boot sale

I have a baby bath on wheels! Yay!
After hearing from a couple of people how busy the car boot sale at the Tallaght Stadium is, hubby and I decided to give it a go last Saturday.
I had put together a few things which we no longer need and also took some Avon stock with me.
We arrived there before 8 o’clock and there were already people roaming around in search for bargains. They came straight to our car after we parked it, curious to know what we had to offer.
I hardly got the chance to unpack. It was really a bit crazy and funny.
Later on it was less busy. It lasted until 1 pm which was a quite a long time and I must admit that it is quite busy and even though we didn’t sell a lot, it was much more than I ever did. We must’ve sold about 65 euro.
I also got a few representative leads, which is why I started doing markets at the first place.
We sold more AVON than our own stuff.
Especially the perfumes and the fragranced deodorant rollers went quite well and then some other things like watches, hand creams and a manicure set.
There were people with crazy offers which I couldn’t agree with. There’s no way I would sell AVON stuff below the price that I purchase them but I did make a few deals with customers just as long as I didn’t really lose money on it.
There was one Bench watch though I had for some time and that one I really went below the price I bought it but that was because I just wanted it to go since no one was using it.
I was really excited to go to the Car boot Sale at the Tallaght Stadium, also because I hoped I would find lots of things that I have on my wish list.
We ended up getting a few toys for the kids. And I got a blouse for 50 cents. I asked hubby to check out the price for a castle I saw and he came back with the castle and a whole pony collection .So the kids have nothing to complain. (Ixora is currently playing with the pony’s)
I found a lovely skirt for Ixora and a set of Disney books. The skirt for 1,50 and the books 6 for 1 euro.
And then my biggest bargain and an item of my wish list : a bath on wheels for Nevaeh-Divine.
It’s a changing unit with storage at the same time but really light so it will be easy to get it in and out the bathroom. God is good ! I ended up paying 10 euro for it.
I can’t wait to use it. Since we don’t have a bathtub in this house I really needed a second bath as I prefer not to bathe the baby in the same bath as my bigger girls.

Now still a few more items to go. Hopefully Nevaeh’s child benefit application will be approved soon.

Because she wasn’t born here it took some time before I could apply and then they apparently lost the form and I needed to apply again.
So hopefully that is settled soon and that we’ll also get the payments for the past months.
Since I’m not really working lately (I’m not getting much out of my AVON business yet) I really need it to get some stuff for Nevaeh and the other kids.
But for now I can’t complain with getting one thing of my list. Yay !
I hope we’ll have lots of fun with it.
I just got to put it together now.
I hope there are no missing parts…..God please…

My camera is broken snd I don't know how to get images from our handycam on my laptop yet, so I searched for a picture online.

It looks like this one a bit

but is actually a Babylo so as this one but then with blue accesories like the one above.

I'm so happy with it. It's really a bargain looking at the price it normally would cost. Glory to God ! He knows just how to provide in our needs and gives us the wishes of our hearts.


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