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Trying to find the balance

So I think it’s time for an update. After writing the last post my next thought was: I just need to have a better balance.
For some reason the nanny thing never worked out and I’ve given up on it for now. But we still have a cleaning lady who comes to clean now and then,(once a week or every other week) but she is on a holiday at the moment.
And I’ve decided to put family first as much as possible. So now I have days where I do nothing for my business or almost nothing, especially the weekends and then Tuesday and Friday as little as possible. `I can't say that it works perfectly but it is starting to work a bit better.
I still appreciate having a home business as you can choose your own hours and you are your own boss. You can put in as much or as little effort as you like and you can put your family first.
Now when a rep calls on Friday and asks if I can go by on Saturday, I say No but I can come on Monday. I think this is really an improvement. I don’t feel consumed by my business anymore.
I work mainly mornings when my husband is home and after that it’s cleaning, cooking and spending time with the children. Only some days there is still some admin work to do.
Still I need to work more on having a good balance, time management and routine but I’m feeling better about it now. Thank God!

Last week my oldest daughter and I made a chore list together. It’s wonderful because she likes the idea and it is useful help for me. She earned one hour extra tv time, an ice lolly and two sweets by doing 5 chores. She helped to clean the living and dining room, put toys in the toy box, put shoes in the hall and tidied up there, helped with the dishes and cleaned the tables. I hope we’ll keep this going. I’m really happy with it.

Still life is quite busy. I would love to have enough time to do things for God, have time for my family, earn money and still have enough time to do the things that I like like writing in my blog, scrapbooking etc. and really enjoy life. I’d love to have time for cute home projects like planting etc. Somehow I'm sure I'm going to get there. I just have to try to plan better.

And talking about doing things for God. I miss being in the praise and worship ministry in church, I miss leading the worship and teaching in the cell group but one Sunday I ended up doing kids ministry. We were a bit late and they didn’t have a lot of leaders and when I went in with Yovannah a boy stretched his arms out to me and I picked him up.
They said that they were planning to let parents stay with their kid when they came from a certain time and when I asked if I should stay they said ‘if you want to’.
But kids were crying and it seemed to be a lot to handle for the two leaders that were there vat the time so I decided to help out. Later another leader came.
It was a nice experience so I might volunteer to help out more often. A few kids somehow came to me and one leader said that I’m a natural. LOL
I will pray about it and will try to find a balance with everything else that I want to and need to do.
And by Gods grace, I know I will find it.

About earning money: the best way is by doing something that you absolutely love and that really fits you and fits well in your life.
I love to watch Kimora Lee, Life in the fab line. I like it mostly because of the parts with her kids. But I hope to become a fashion designer one day too. But mostly for kids clothes. But there is so much more that I like to do.
And right now it’s just about making the right choices. So I’m happy that I don’t have to choose alone. Because God knows it all and He sees the whole picture. He knows which step is best.
So I need to stay as close to God as possible and open to hear His voice so He can lead me to take the right steps.
Do you have dreams for the future? What are they?
Let’s not give up on them. They will come true …one day…..

Have a great weekend and Gods richest blessings….


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