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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

School break and selling Avon

Sunday 24 october 2009

We went to church today. Hubby doesn’t feel so well, but went to the front for prayer. I didn’t even notice it because I was on stage singing a worship song with the choir, while people were being prayed for and I didn’t look at the people who came to the front but was focusing on God.
He’s sleeping now. I’m trusting the Lord that he’ll feel better by tomorrow, because he has to go to work. He could’ve taken the day off since it’s a bank holiday, but he decided to work because they’ll pay him 200 percent.
Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be fine.
Dd1 is off for the whole week and I felt so relieved and as if I’m having a break myself. It’s not easy waking up early, getting her ready and bringing her to school and collecting her again and in the meantime taking care of the baby.
I’m sure it will get easier eventually and I’m really grateful that I can do these things, but I’m happy that I will be able to sleep in this week and relax a bit.
But then I remembered that I have to collect Avon books and order forms in the morning tomorrow.I just became an Avon representative a week ago. I decided to try that out to have a bit of income since my paid maternity leave will end this week. I’m praying that my Avon business will go well with Gods grace. On Tuesday I have to collect Avon books and order forms as well and I have to take dd2 to the gp for an immunisation too. Oh well, for the rest of the week, we haven’t got anything planned, I think.

Now that I’m cooking everyday I try to cook new things every time.
The first two days I made bami (kind of noodles) with chicken and vegetables in soya sauce and rice, chicken and whole beans These are things that hubby also cooked and we already had the ingredients. But on Wednesday and Thursday I made macaroni with red pepper, carrot and bacon and on Friday I tried a new sauce that I found in Lidl called Chicken Chasseur sauce mix.
It turned out to be very yummie (we all liked it ) and my dd asked me if we could eat it again today. So I’m cooking again today.
I really have to get used to doing so much in the house. (even though I actually should do a lot more) but I’m just so tired lately. I asked hubby to get me vitamins so I’m taking them since yesterday and now that I get the chance to sleep in some more I hope to be feeling much better soon.

Anyway, I was wondering : Do you have a so called home business as well ? If yes, how is it going? I’d love to hear from you.

NB. If you're living in Ireland and are interested in Avon products, check out the website and click on e-brochure for the latest brochure with Avon products. If you like to order or would like to receive a brochure by post let me know.

Have a nice day !

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