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The tables have turned

So investing in a new hair cut and a new suit has paid of. lol.
Hubby's got himself a job. Hallelujah ! Praise God !
I'm so happy ,delighted and grateful to God who does everything on the right time.
This Saturday it's already time for my last maternity benefit payment but I've taken additional leave in faith, trusting the Lord that He would provide. And He has.
Hubby has started his new (temporary) job this week and will get paid on a weekly basis,so by the end of next week he'll probably have his first payment.Isn't God amazing ?

What this means, is that my life has become a little bit busier. I have to get dd1 ready every day and bring her to school and collect her from school every day by foot.(in the rain !)I have to do the grocery shopping by foot, other shoppings by bus, do the house hold and cook everyday. And next to that take care of both kids.
But this is what I've wanted for so long, so it's all good. Glory to God !

I wanted so much to stay home with my kids or at least work part time, which I will probably do from December. So my dream has really come true.
I do have to get used to this new life, but I will get there.
I'm a little bit tired today and decided to take it a bit easy.
Somehow my little baby princess is taking it easy too. lol
She woke up just before I took dd1 to school and she fell asleep on the way to Lidl and is still sleeping. (now by 11:45)

I started to do Avon by the way. And yesterday, I got my first order. Yay !I hope it will work out for me and I can get an extra income from it.

But luckily, hubby's got a job now. So I don't have to worry about earning money.(What a relief !)

Glory to God !

Did you take additional leave as well ? Are you a stay at home mum or do you work full or part time ? I'd love to hear from you.

Blessings and love ....


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