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Sick,but still mommy duties

I have the flu.
Today it was hubby’s turn to get dd1 ready and bring her to school, which means sleeping in for me. And since I was really feeling not well, this was very welcome.
Somehow hubby had trouble with dd1, so I ended up getting her ready again.
She didn’t want to go at first, which made me wonder if she was feeling sick as well.
First she said that she was sick but later after talking to her and asking her if she really didn’t want to go, she decided that she would go after all.
So despite not feeling well and quite wobbly, I got her ready as fast as I could and hubby drove her to school. I also asked him to get me some medicine.

I stayed in bed for the most of the morning. Hubby brought me paracetamol with a cup of water and I got breakfast and tea in bed. Wow ! But later I went down to do some stuff on the pc like check the balance of my bank account.
Hubby got a phone call from a job agency about a vacancy.
They wanted to meet him today and hubby wanted to get a hair cut, so I needed to check if we can afford that. He ended up buying a new suit at Lidl as well. He wanted to make a good impression. Lol

Anyway, because of hubby’s plans I needed to adjust my plans to go back to bed.
Because he’s going to his course after the interview, I needed to iron his newly bought suit and make a bun for dd1.
And I have to cook dinner even though I’m sick. Just so dd1 has something to eat.

And I actually have been spoilt by hubby when it comes to cooking. Since he didn’t have a job and I was working fulltime, he was the one cooking dinner every day.
When I went on maternity leave I left it all like it was.
I really had become a bit lazy. I kept planning to cook a few days a week.
But it’s so easy when someone else does it. lol

But so today I have to cook.
I decided for something easy and that would mean lentil soup.
It’s one of those meals of which we know that dd1 likes it and that she’s going to eat it.

9.17 pm We were wrong. We didn't have chopped tomatoes and despite of me being so 'creative' and putting ketchup instead dd says the meal is not the same because it is yellow. I'm sure that it really tastes (almost) the same.
I can't wait for hubby to return home so I can sleep.

I must say that we all went to my room and I dozed off a couple of times while dd was watching a video.
Well, I probably really slept because I hadn't noticed that dd had gone downstairs to get bread and salami and had made herself some sandwiches to eat instead of dinner.
When I told her that she was not listening to me and had been naughty (I had told her she would not get bread but she needed to eat her dinner instead) and noticed that I really wasn't happy with her behaviour, she said a couple of times with a little voice: 'Sorry mommy' and came up to me to give me a hug and a kiss.
Well what can you say against that ? (Sigh)

She just came down the stairs with her baby sister, telling me she had changed her nappy. Remember, she's four years old.....Oh my word..
I really don't know what to say. I'm just happy she didn't fall of the stairs with the baby. Ofcourse she means well.(sigh)

Hope hubby is back soon. But it's also about sleepy time for dd1.
So, off to bed...
Have a good night....


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