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Designed to be a mum

So today Five minute Friday is on again and I'm going to make another attempt to write for five minutes about a subject without editing.

This week it's about

Motherhood should come with....

Go ...

A revelation that every woman is designed to become a mother. So even if we struggle or feel overwhelmed at times, we can rest in the assurance that God has created us with the ability to be the best mother that we can be for our children.
Every woman is created with just the right tools and ingredients that she needs in her job as a mum.
God makes no mistake and He knows that we are more than able to do our job right.
All we need to do is reach within us and we will find what we need : an extra portion of love, patience, flexiblity, strength, creativity and a sense of humour.
All of those things will get us through and we will find that little by little we have turned into the mother that He has planned (and designed) that we should be.

I did it. LOL But... by the grace of God....

Now it's your turn .

Go to the blog from The Gypsy mama to join in and link back to her blog as I've done.

Good luck !

Love ,


Anonymous said…
Beautifully written and well-said!
Kris said…
Hi there, stopping over from the Gypsy Mamma's page. This was lovely! And so true. Bless you!
Amy said…
How true this is! And how comforting. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing this. Have a wonderful day - Smiles -
Cheryl said…
"God has created us with the ability to be the best mother that we can be for our children."
Absolutely! I loved this - so beautiful!
Kari said…
i love your focus on how God working in us will help us be the mother He wants us to be.

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