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What are/wear you wearing today ?

Well, I'm not a fashionista and my wardrobe doesn't represent the latest fashion at all.I rather buy clothes for my girls then something for me actually and after giving birth for the third time I don't fit in a lot of clothes that I own anymore.
So it's time to finally go shopping for myself .
The bigger girls need some clothes as well so we're probably going to head to Penneys this weekend.
One thing that I've seen and am planning to get is a long summer dress with flower print and a short light blue jeans jacket.

A bit like this.

Seems this is a picture from two years ago from Bicole Ritchie LOL
Anyway, I think at least dresses with flowers are in fsashion this spring/summer and I do see people wearing a dress with jacket still.

But anyway, I like the item : what are you wearing today ?

So just for fun .this is what I am wearing ..

Black with white polka dots top borrowed from my mother and she let me keep it.
Black maternity leggings from H& M
Maternity jeans skirt from M2B Mothercare
Lately this is one of my favourite outfits.

I wasn't able to get a good picture though because i only had Ix to help me.
I'm really curious to know.

What are/were you wearing today ?



Debra said…
Today I am wearing a maxi dress with a flowery design and a white cardi over it.
Debra said…
Where did my comment go to? I commented on this blog yesterday :/
Anonymous said…
today, i am very casual and im wearing my tracksuit, its black and pink, and my runners. handy for doing the house work!!

last night i was at a fashion show, so i had a chance to dress up! i had a lovely leggings top with purples, teals, pinks and beige on it with black 3/4 leggings and black silettos. loads of fashion at show, wanted to buy it all!!!!
sinead said…
last post from sinead ... sorry
Chan said…
Debra, thanks for commenting the other day. I saw your comment too but Blogger had some problems so maybe that's why it disappeared. Sorry about that. Will check it.
Sinead, thanks for your comment.
Good to hear that you had a good time.
Chan said…
Sinead, please remember to follow my blog if you want to take part in the give away. The giveaway is extended to Sunday May 15th because Blogger was down yesterday. I will anounce the winner on Monday.
Another giveaway will follow soon.
Chan said…
Debra, if you would like me to send you the ring, can you please send me an e-mail on I sent you an e-mail by google connect but haven't heard anything from you.Btw I just noticed that your comment is back LOL
I'm wearing a red maxi dress and a jacket. New follower.

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