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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Money earning mum

Nevaeh-Divine is now 3 months old. Yay ! I'm scheduled to go back to work next month but I'm planning to take some additional leave so I can stay home longer. And I'm trying to look for opportunities to work from home so I won't have to go back fulltime. I'm becoming an Avon Business Developer and am looking for possibilities to earn money with writing but if I'm realistic I won't earn enough to be able to afford not going back to work next month.It's going to be a great challenge for our family to only live on one income for a while which brings tears to my eyes. I remember how hard it was last time I decided to take additional leave. At the other hand when I applied to become an Avon BD, I felt quite guilty because I felt- even though it would be working from home-it would be taking time away that is for the kids, not realising I'm due to go back to earning money so soon.
It kind of broke my heart because I love this fulltime mothering and Nevaeh is still so small.(I'm getting all teary while writing this)
I had to pray to God to give me peace over it to know that I was in His will and only later realised that it was the right time.
If I start up my Avon business now by the time my maternity benefit ends I could be making a bit of money.
So at the moment it seems inevitable. Even though I got a bit confused, wondering if I should work at all. Because I started to see motherhood as a fulltime ministry, a calling.
Though I must say that it would make me happy to do something else for me as well.I'm still trying to figure this out, what Gods perfect will would be for me.
But for now, I'm planning to try to combine motherhood with a bit of work.

Are you also a 'money earning mum' ? Do you work outside the home or are you privileged to be a SAHM ? What do you do to earn money ?

My next post is a something that I wrote when I started blogging again a few weeks ago and actually is related to the above.

Will posr it soon.

Blessings and love,

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