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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello Monday: The latest events in our family life.

The past week has been a week with quite some events, so I decided to put the highlights in a Hello Monday post as inspired by Lisa Leonards Hello Monday series.

Hello to having a professional photo session for the kids in a photo studio in town.

After the photo session

Hello to riding in the LUAS on two different days last week.

On the way to LUAS station Jervis for the photo session

On the way to LUAS station Heuston to get a bus to the airport

Hello to losing a child in the LUAS and having to collect her from a police station.

We were on the way to the airport to drop dad off and while I focused on getting the double buggy with the ‘smallies’ through the door of the LUAS, I assumed that dad had notified big sister who wanted to sit at a window – so a bit further away from us- that we were getting off the LUAS. When I was out and noticed that she wasn’t, I returned to the LUAS and called her to get off but the doors closed in front of us and I pressed on the buttons to open them again but they wouldn’t open and the LUAS drove off with my kid in it.

I followed in the next one and when I didn’t see her at the next stop, I told the driver that I was looking for a little girl and found out that they had taken her a few stops further and had brought her to the police station there. I was glad to have her back. Praise God. But oh those stupid doors…

Hello to saying goodbye to daddy at the airport.

The kids would’ve loved to join daddy in the airplane but I promised that we will go next time. Yovannah had a bit harder time to accept this and had a little tantrum.

Also when we went into the bus that would take us on the way home again, she complained that she didn’t want to go home.

But since I promised her that we would sit upstairs in the double decker on the way home and Ixora asked to go upstairs after we got on the bus, I decided to take them upstairs and that made her get over it.

Upstairs in the double decker

Hello to single motherhood.

Since daddy has left for South America and won’t be back for awhile, I am parenting solo now.

Hello to a car- less life and pushing three kiddoes in a buggy.

We sold the car and Yovannah was inconsolable when she saw a strange man drive away with it. She yelled : 'Nooooo,. I want it back !' I hope we can get a smaller car soon.

I miss the Audi too and being driven around, our little family trips together. It had something. We’ve been walking a lot now –which is a positive thing- but sometimes a bit heavy when I have to walk uphill. (which happens now and then here in Dublin) or when I have to push three kids in the buggy. But I'm sure that we'll get used to it.

Hello to life after a break- in.

On the day that we sold the car someone broke into the house. Daddy( probably) forgot to close the back door and I left the money from the car at home in a drawer.

So they had it quite easy. They also took my mp4 player with them.

The positive thing is that I’m extra careful now and take everything of value with me when we leave. Negative is that for a few nights I ‘ve woken up because of sounds outside in the middle of the night.

On my to do list now: mailing the landlord to place an alarm system or at least one those sensor lights at the back of the house. But I’m trusting that the Lord will protect us.

Hello to watching a new movie on dvd every day. 

We’ve been doing this for two weeks now. This dvd rental place had a deal in July.
You could get a summer pass for a month for 20 euro and then rent two movies at the time 

for maximum one night. And whenever you bring them back you can rent two new ones.
We've been doing this almost every day and the kids are really enjoying it.
 I also got to watch a few movies.

Hello to enjoying the last weeks of the Summer holidays.

We went to the playground today and hopefully we’ll be able to still do a lot of fun things in the coming weeks.

Hopefully the coming week will have a lot of hello’s that are more fun.

What are you saying hello to this week ?

Love and blessings,

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