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Mummy points : Breakfast time

We mums, could all use some encouragement from time to time.
We are often looking at ourselves and then coming to the conclusion that we are not yet the mums that we want to be.
I’m one of those mums. There is so much that I want to improve and I remember when I only had my oldest daughter and I was writing in my private online diary.
Every time that I felt that I did something good mummy wise, I’d give myself ‘mummy points’ to encourage myself. To make me feel good about myself, to show to myself that I’m not doing such a bad job.
I think it is a good thing to give yourself a pat on the back from time to time. And for awhile now I’ve been thinking of doing that on my blog. To create a place where we can all come together and share our accomplishments big and small for the week. Not to brag but to share how we have improved in areas where we wanted to improve or just to encourage ourselves in case we haven’t done a lot of improvement but still have done some things that we feel that we can be proud of. So if this speaks to your heart, I want to invite you to come along.

Write a blog post and leave the link in the comments. Or just write in the comments something that you want to share.


This is what I want to share this week.

I’m actually not a real breakfast person. Or well, there’s a lot of times that I would just skip breakfast and wouldn’t get hungry till much later on the day. (bad habit, I know...)
I’m not really sure how it was when I was a kid, if we had breakfast together at the table before we went to school. But I remember much later when I was in high school and I had to get up really early to go to school and my mum would wake me up with a plate of cornflakes, which I would then eat in bed.

Well, I have to admit that in my own house, we haven’t been eating a lot of breakfasts together at the table. Especially in the Summer holidays, the kids normally wake up at different times and I haven’t really made a big deal out of it. Ixora is just like her dad and she loves to stay up late and then get up very late in the day.
This week I’ve been really making an effort to have breakfast at the table together.

Time for breakfast (some of us are hardly awake) LOL
That meant not letting the kids sleep until they would wake up on their own but getting them out of bed at a certain time. With this I also had in mind that they will need to be getting up earlier next week when the school starts again so that has also been my focus. Every day I got them out of bed a bit earlier than the day before, so they eventually will get used to waking up early again by next Thursday. It was a bit of a challenge and it took a bit of adjusting for the kids..I can imagine that it's not great to be woken up out of your sleep and taken out of bed but it is for a good purpose and it worked well. (Glory to God!)
So I felt really pleased with myself. I hope that we can keep it up and get used to having breakfasts together every morning even when the school starts and there is less time in the morning. They’ll have to get up really early but I believe that we can make it work.

We’ve had a lot of cereal which is favourite here anyway but also fried eggs and crackers with garlic butter or sandwiches with chocolate spread and with avocado(that would be me)  but eventually I want to bring more of variation.

These small packs are really handy but the contents are not much for bigger kids or adults

I want to be that mum that bakes pancakes with bacon in the morning. Or just make a bit of a big deal from time to time. Breakfast is a very important meal for everyone but especially for kids and it is very nice to start the day together eating breakfast at the table. So I’m happy that I’ve been working on that this week.
Yay !!!

Now it's your turn ...

What have you done this (past) week that you are proud of ?

Which changes are you working on in your household ?

What can you encourage yourself with about this week?

What can you share to pat yourself on the back ?

Let’s do this together. Let’s work together on -little by little- becoming more of the mums that we would like to be. Let’s rejoice in our small (or big) victories together.
After all, we're all 'super mummies in the making'.

I'd love to hear from you.

Blessings and love.

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Meg said…
Hi Chan! Followed you back here from my blog and now following on BlogLovin' I love your idea to give ourselves some Mommy kudos. I have an endlessly guilty conscience when it comes to being a Mom, especially right now as we're all getting used to the arrival of our second little girl. So to answer your questions...

What have you done this (past) week that you are proud of ?
Honestly, I am just proud of getting through the week without feeling overwhelmed despite being sleep deprived.

Which changes are you working on in your household ?
I really want to try and get my daughter to eat better and watch less TV (2 things I am always beating myself up about.)

What can you encourage yourself with about this week?
Remind myself that she is not the only toddler in the world that will only eat grilled cheese, chicken fingers, peanut butter and jelly or a hot dog...

What can you share to pat yourself on the back ?
A recently ran in to an old co-worker at the pediatrician. We have a mutual friend who she told that she ran in to me, and that friend later relayed back to me that they had a mini jealousy session , in which they good-naturedly agreed to 'hate" me for looking so put together despite having a 2 week old and 3 year old. That made me feel pretty good that at least I'm keeping up appearances of sanity ;)
Chan said…
Hey Meg, thanks for stopping by, following and taking time to comment. I’m glad that you like the idea. You are so right for being proud of that ! Well done for getting through these days without feeling overwhelmed. You are doing great ! Kudos to you.

You’re probably very busy now but I’m curious if you’ll be able to work on one of those things. Maybe you can start by trying to see if she likes a veggie burger ?
I don’t know how the weather is where you live but maybe you can take her out in the yard sometimes and just sit outside and she can play with toys on a plaid. You could get her some sand to play with or paper and crayons or paint (mine love that) or –when you feel that you have the energy for it -(after a nap) you can take the baby and her for a walk and take her to the playground to play now and then ?
Tv is helpful though. So don’t feel guilty about it. They learn from it too. But you can take baby steps and offer another activity now and then.

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on.

And you’re so right. You can be proud of taking good care of yourself, even though you’re a busy mommy. Congrats and well done!
I hope to hear from you again.

Love, Chan
Missy Homemaker said…
We very rarely get breakfast together. We homeschool, so the kids get up at varied times and get breakfast then. I'm also a person who can take or leave breakfast depending on the day.
Your children are adorable!
Visiting from Mommy Monday Blog Hop
Lisa Nelson said…
Hey Chan,

Improvement - Eat more family meals together. Start with prayer, and talk like real people...even when I'm tired and the table is so messy I could just scream. :)

My Pat on the back - Ummmmmmm, hum? Getting Ava into another semester of Suzuki Violin Lessons. Just letting it go and not worrying - and it worked itself out.

Thanks for this awesome post, and for sharing on Mommy Monday! I really love your blog.
Sharon said…
Well, good for trying the breakfast gathering. My kids are older and tend to get up around 1pm during the summer. When school is in session, I do try and have breakfast occasionally on Saturdays for everyone.

**Proud that I worry less about stuff even though there are tons of things to worry about now.

Make It Or Fix It Yourself!
Chan said…
@Missy homemaker. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks for the compliment. Hope to hear from you again. Will check out your blog soon.
Chan said…
Hi Lisa , thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad to hear that you like the blog post and my blog. What I love about having breakfast together now is that we can start the day together with prayer as well. It's really such a blessing.God is good ! I hope you'll be able to make the changes that you desire to make. Lots of luck with it. And well done with your daughters violin lessons.
Chan said…
Sharon, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Actually, the first day I did it, it was 12 o'clock because my kiddoes (especially the oldest) tend to sleep till late in the summer as well. But I also used this to get them in a routine for school which starts tomorrow. So I kept waking them up earlier and I'm glad it all worked. I really enjoy starting the day together this way. But it's probably harder to get older kids to want to participate.
Well done for not worrying about things. You're a great mum !
I'd love to hear from you again and will check out your blog soon.

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