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You know that you're a mum when ...

Ten things that remind me that I’m a mum. This post is inspired by this post from Christine Coppa.

You know that you’re a mum when :

1 Every room in the house has at least one toy in it and also your car, back and front yard.

2 The tv is mostly on on childrens programmes.

3 You’re constantly picking up stuff from the floor and wiping off freshly made drawings from the wall. (oh no, they found a crayon or marker again !)

4 Your shopping list contains at least three items that are especially for kids.

5 You’re often interrupted from whatever you are doing by a child calling you; mummy.

6 You come back from the sales in town with mostly kids items.

7 You can often find a diaper in your handbag and sometimes even a toy.

8 You only get to eat half of your mugshot because you have to share it with two of your kids. (Luckily they have smaller mouths and so they are getting less on a spoon.)

9 You are excited about pink tutu’s, finding a hello kitty dvd on sale in the shop and scoring Peppa Pig shoes in 'almost new' condition on the carboot sale.

10 Your lipsticks finish far more quickly than they should. ( the girls have borrowed your makeup again and your lipstick is all gone)

 A wall in the hall last week after I scrubbed most of the paint in beautiful colours from the wall ( I was too shocked to take a picture before this but it was one of their best works so far) There must be a future artist living in this house. (or maybe two)

What are the things that remind you that you’re a mum ?

I’d love to hear from you.


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Anonymous said…
I would say
1. Not being able to sleep cause your 3 year keeps waking you up at night

2. When all I shop for is kids things and nothing for me

3. When you sit down to enjoy your cup of coffee but didn't get to sip it cause you hear mommy

4. Your eating and your kids say what is that can I have some there goes what you crave for

5. When your driving and you no longer listen to your favorite radio station cause all you hear is a sing along DVD playing behind you

6. When you need to use the potty and you hear I need to go potty now..and you let them go first

7. When your tv shows are now the Disney channel nick and PBS
Chan said…
Hey Miriam, thank you for your comment. I really loved reading it. Funny how we have some similar experiences. But isn't it great to be a mum ? :)
karen said…
stopping by from mommy monday blog hop...great list...

I hardly sleep

legos, dinsoaurs, and cars everywhere

stains on my clothes

kid cds in my car

look around whenever I hear the word mommy or hear a kid scream
Mrsteeh said…
Great Post Idea:
1. Toys in my purse is a top on my list...batman, barbie, random pink things...
2. Definitely trying to by something for myself without coming home with tons of Kiddie stuff instead
3. Playing 'clean up' in the house at least 5 times a day
4. Having my dinner be a combination of left overs from the Kiddies plates
5. Hearing myself say stuff to my Kiddies and thinking "goodness I sound just like my mother"
Lisa Nelson said…
1. when you give up cleaning because what you've just cleaned is already dirty.

2. Locking the door to the bathroom before someone charges in.

3. when bedtime is stressful.

4. You don't get more than 3 hours of sleep at night.

5. Vomit and poop do not disgust you.

Thanks for this awesome post, and for linking up with us at Mommy Monday! Love the lists!
Anonymous said…
Wow this list is definitely something I can relate to in some ways but also one I have a feeling I will be looking forward to! I'm a first time mom to a 16 month old so yes, you probably can imagine what I'll be experiencing over the next few years. For me, so far, I think it's repeating the same commands everyday:

"stop that"
"don't touch that"
"close the door"
"give my kisses"
"no hitting"
"no biting"

You get the point! LOL! Also constantly putting things back because someone is always moving things or trying to touch something! :) Thanks for linking up with us on the Mommy Monday Hop. Following you now blog lovin'. Here is my new blog you can follow me on:
Chan said…
I really enjoy reading all these lists. Thanks all for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Followed your blog Brittnei.

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